Friday, September 22, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 9, Room 22

 Continuing counterclockwise to the next crypt brings the party to room 22.  This one is dedicated to one of the dwarven princesses.

Room 22

The party notices many things.

First, there is the ghost of a dwarven princess standing near her damaged sarcophagus. She is very sad and does not speak.

Secondly, the walls are covered with paintings of the pricess' life. She died young and un-married.  The painting were of her playing in the (then) nearby fields. Braiding her father's beard, and other scenes of innocence.

Thirdly, the party will also also see that these paintings have all been defaced with graffiti and pornographic imagery. 

The princess' ghost cannot be attack of hit. But likewise she can't attack either. She can't find rest because her grave has been disturbed.  A cleric can perform the final rights and put her soul to rest, but she won't leave until the vandalism is removed.

Fortunately the graffiti was done by magic (a magic-user or witch can detect this) and so a Dispel Magic will erase it all.

Doing this will allow the princess to move on.  She will with a smile and as she departs a previously hidden secret door will open and reveal the Princess' treasure. There are two bags of holding each with 18,700 gp value in jewels and gems. There is a crown worth 1,000 gp and a slim bejewelled sword. Finding these is worth 40,000 XP total. 

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