Tuesday, July 18, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 7, Room 18

 Going back to Room #15 and taking the corridor on the left leads to a large obsidian-paneled room.

Room 18

This room is a scene from a horror movie. 

The five walls are covered with paintings of demons by various artists. There are notes under each painting detailing when each demon was summoned and subjugated by the Vampire Queen. There are dozens here, and many of the names are unknown to the characters.

There are secret doors behind the three largest paintings. The demons are:

  • Xorxith - This demon is known as the Destroyer in the Darkness. It is a powerful and destructive demon who is feared for its ability to tear through its enemies. He appears as a giant demon (60 ft high) with his head obscured by darkness.
  • Brog'lar - This thin, sexless demon has long delicate fingers and a mouth filled with needle-like teeth. It sits on a pile of skulls.  It is a cunning and manipulative demon who is known for its ability to control others.
  • Gzor'nak - The Hunger. This demon appears to be a huge demonic monster with a giant mouth with thousands of teeth, a large belly, and huge legs. It is a voracious and insatiable demon who is always hungry for more power and destruction.

Reading over these paintings and notes provides characters the following XP.

Magic-users and witches: 100 xp
Clerics: 75 xp
Fighters and thieves: 50 xp 




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