Monday, September 23, 2013

Bloodrayne: Superbabes

Yeah. I couldn't stop.

Bloodrayne was one of the first characters I ever stated up on my blog.  In fact you have to go back all the way to post 200 (just over 1700 posts ago) to see her.
In many ways Rayne is the antithesis of what Superbabes is all about.  She has questionable morality, ended up in Playboy (NSFW), and usually solves her problems by killing them.

Also her powers are not a great fit for the game.  She drains blood to gain extra power and killing by hand (as opposed to the guns she has) sets off her bloodlust.  If she does that enough she can enter Bloodrage.
Normally I would use Mental Muscles for this, but the rules specifically state that Mental Muscles can't be used by characters with Muscles above 20.  So instead I went with the weaker Hit Em Harder and Run Faster.

Like the other characters in this batch I am going with a modern day version, so this is Rayne in 2013 (reflected in her age).

Character: Bloodrayne
Secret ID / AKA: Rayne
Age: 96   Apparent Age: late 20s
Origin: Supernatural Accident (15cp)
15 CPs

Primary Stats
Muscles: 31  Damage: +2d6 Max Press: 3,100
Health: 31  Regen, Combat: 1pp/5rds Regen, At rest: 1pp/1rd  HTK/Day: 4d10
Moves: 51  Bonus to hit: +5 Movement: 10" Hittability: 10 Initiative Bonus: 5
Brains: 15   Mental Attack Bonus: +1 Mental Hittability: 5
Will: 21  Regen Rate: 1pp/1rds HTK Regen/Day: 1d6+4
Personality: 8 ("Unpleasant")
Looks: 25
364 CPs

Secondary Stats
PP: 183
HTK: 100
Fame: 5
Bimbo Points: 2 (Appearing in Playboy was her idea)
Level: 9
CPs: 2 left to spend

Hit Em Harder +2d6 20cp
Immortality 80cp
Invulnerability 4 20cp
Psi Invulnerability 2 8cp
Run Fast +10" 30cp
Super Senses (Vampire)
- See in the Dark 5cp
- Smell Good 10cp
- See Far Away 10cp
Suck It Up I (Health) 100cp
283 CPs

Blades (obvious)
- Sharp Stuff 20cp
- Concelalment 10cp
10 CPS

Martial Artist 4 levels 200cp
Acrobatics 20cp
Catwalk 20cp
Climbing 20cp
Fire Pistols/Rifles 50cp
Melee Weapons 25cp
Quickdraw 20cp
Survival 10cp
375 CPs

Character Description
Height: 5'10" (6'3" in heels)
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green (Red in in Bloodlust)
Skin: Extremely pale
Unique Characteristics: She wears blades on her arms, has two strips of leather hanging from her hair.
Quote: "Stop whimpering... it's unattractive."

Not as happy with this build as previous builds,  either for her or for Superbabes.  That's ok, not every system is perfect.

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Johanna Garth said...

I wouldn't want to be one of her problems!