Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zatannurday: Zatanna News and Web Round-up

So I get pictures sent to me all the time of various versions or pics of Zatanna.  Here are some recent ones.  Each has something a little different or special about them.

First up, Zatanna gets another new costume and moves over to the Justice League!

Looks like a combination of her classic costume and the one she wore in Identity Crisis.
Glad to see the fishnets back, though I do hope she gets her top hat back.  I know, fishnets and high-heels are not good super hero costumes, but she is a stage performer. After all have a look at Misty Lee, a real life magician and performer.  Ok I know that is a cheat.  Misty Lee is also Mrs. Paul Dini.

Also talked about here,  which leads me the the next picture too.

This has been making the rounds and it is a nice contrast to what I normally post, is a "fully dressed" Zatanna.

I like it, but miss her classical stage magician look.

And this one from Hanie Mohd

In a very special treat Paul Dini released this animation cell of a proposed Zatanna cartoon,
It would have been so cool!

These great mono-chrome ones,

And this one,

And finally,

Leonardo Gondim

A to Z posting later today.

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