Friday, April 5, 2013

E is also for Evil Dead!

The new Evil Dead is out tonight!
Are you going to go see it?

Well the game based on the original Evil Dead movie, Army of Darkness is now on sale.

Army of Darkness

It is 100% compatible with my game Ghosts of Albion.

Pick them both up today!


Pun Isaac said...

I love this game, though I've never ran it as is. I've used elements of it in Buffy and Angel though.

David Baymiller said...

hell yes i'm gonna see it. after i get over my bronchitis. i love the original trilogy and if i can live with starbuck being a chick, i can do the same for ash.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I never knew it was a game. Army of Darkness was cheesy. Second one was hilarious/

SpacerGuy said...

Wow are you serious, it sounds great. I've put Evil Dead in my trek journal.

Valerie said...

I just saw the remake. I was so siked to go. It turned out to be just meh. And now I owe Hollywood a kick to the junk.

Jerks can't get anything right.