Friday, March 23, 2012

Vastra and Jenny

Been thinking some more about Vastra and Jenny.

I did some posts back when "A Good Man Goes to War" first aired.
Introduction and Ghosts of Albion stats.
Doctor Who RPG stats

I have found some very cool links recently that expand their story more.
Vastra and Jenny

I have a Ghosts of Albion game coming up and I'd love to work them in somehow.  Just not sure how to do that yet.  Especially since the idea I have in mind is already dangerously close to "The Hungry Earth" except I am basing it of of a real riot that happened in London in 1846.


Rhonin84 said...

Cool! On so many different levels... :)

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Can't say anything else cause you read this! ;)

Tim Knight said...

I really hope that this pair make a reappearance in the show (or perhaps - licenses willing - in a Big Finish audio drama, such as the ongoing Jago & Litefoot series).

It would be such a shame if we never heard from these gals again in a canon source - given how well they were received by fans around the world!