Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clarification on 5e

Just a reminder.

I don't recall ever seeing anywhere that D&D 5e would be compatible with AD&D only that you could play the same style as you did with AD&D 1.

I can just see a lot of people throwing fits about this.  To my knowledge we are still looking at ascending armor classes (easily converted if you passed 3rd grade math) and 3e style saves or 4e style defenses.

I am sure we will all know more in the next few days, but the things I have been hearing lately are in my mind good (and good for my group of players) but certainly not going to make everyone happy.


John said...

I'm a lot more concerned with the play styles it supports - free from sandboxes, random encounters, stats on the fly - and whether it makes the DM's job easy, rather than maintaining any sacred cows. Eagerly awaiting for the DDXP spoilers to slip out.

Hopefully the heavyweight 2-page encounter format and entire-page monster stat blocks are dead and buried.

John said...

Uh, that should be "free-form sandboxes", rather than free *from* sandboxes. Been there, done that.

Robert said...

My biggest concern is spells. If you swap out only the spells and not mechanics between editions, that can change the feel in a huge way.