Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 by the Numbers

In my corner of the world it is now 2012.  Which means it is 2012 where you are too. But before I move on to 2012 and the all things new, here is a run down of the numbers here at the Other Side.

511 total posts in 2011.

According to Google Analytics here are some visitor stats.
92,225 people visited this site
127,168 Visits
92,225 Unique Visitors
191,473 Pageviews
1.51 Pages/Visit
00:01:07 Avg. Time on Site
71.16% Bounce Rate
71.65% % New Visits

The top 5 countries were
USA 67,909 visits
UK 9,104 visits
Canada 7,760 visits
Australia 3,538 visits
Germany 3,506

Not counting my root page, my most visited pages in 2011 were:
Xena and Gabrielle  31,114 views
Elzabeth Bathory 10,756 views
Zatnnurday, Adam Hughes 2,845 views
Hex Girls, 2,839 views
T is for Trogdor, 2,797 views
Willow & Tara, Macho Women with Guns, 2,198 views
More races of Mystoerth Goblins, 2,135 views
New Hex Girls, 1,827 views
Willow and Tara Page, 1,642 views
Demons Run, when chased by Madame Vastra and Jenny, 1,571 views

Top 10 search words to get to my site:
Hex Girls
Elizabeth Bathory
Zatanna Young Justice
Adam Hughes
Witch Hunter Robin
Wikipwdia (note the typo.  That stupid typo gave me 317 extra hits last year)

Top 10 Sources of page hits (not counting search engines)
The Underdark Gazette (may it rest in peace. forget that, just update the link)
Risus Monkey
Hero Press/I'd Rather Be Killing Monsters
RPG.Net Forums
The Hex Girls coven
Our Valued Customers (make one pot joke and the hits go through the roof)
Eternal Keep
Destination Unknown

My most visited period was between July 24 and October 31 where I was averaging 200 unique visitors a day. Lately, I have dropped to about 100. Don't know why yet.

My most commented pages were:
All Fun and Games, 31 comments
More OSRIC Player's Guide woes, 28 comments
But, shouldn't we aspire to be the  Hero?, 27 comments
There goes my last shred of OSR-ness, 18 comments
Worst Movies Ever, 17 comments
Should WotC support ALL D&D?, 17 comments
Question for my Readers, 16 comments
Skills in D&D, 15 comments
Product Changes at WotC: no more Minis, 14 comments
My collection is now complete, 12 comments

What did 2011 give us?
Well, we saw more OSR products than ever and finally something more than just another retro-clone.
Back in Gen Con 2010 people kept telling me about the death of 4e in 2011, it never happened, but it also didn't sell enough compared to Pathfinder.
Ghosts of Albion saw print! I also got paid for my first official D&D writing gig.  Though I didn't get "The Witch" out when I wanted.
My Zatannurday posts were a huge success in my mind (and according to the stats) so I am hoping for more this year.
My number of followers nearly doubled, most of them were from outside of the RPG and OSR circles, so that is nice.
I joined a bunch of blogfests which was fun and got me a bunch of hits and new followers and exposed the Other Side to a much wider audience.  I would suggest that other OSR blogs do the same, we tend to get into a rut to be honest.

Now. On to 2012!!

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