Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zatannurday: Zatanna's Love life

There are basically two things that make for a complicated love life.  Living on the road and being a superhero.  Zatanna strikes out in both cases.

But unlike some other supers, she tries to make the best of it, even if her luck never really changes.

So here is a special Pre-Valentine's Day Zantannurday.

I think, maybe more than any other super-hero, Zantanna seems to have been free to express her sexuality.  Even more so than Wonder Woman, the feminine ideal according to her creator.  If Zatanna wants to hook-up for a one night stand, be Constantine's occasional tantric sex partner or what have you, she seems to be freer to do that.  Maybe it is because she didn't have her own series till recently?  Anytime WW gets a new boyfriend that is the stuff of cometary in Newsweek, but Zee, not so much.

Zee has had her troubles like trying to summon the man of her dreams and getting a monster:

Proving yet again that you should not drink alone (see the empty bottle there) and then try to summon.  That whole careful what you wish for thing I guess.

Of course any excuse to have her work with John is usually and excuse for them to have sex on panel.

Or a one night stand with a fellow magician,

Or making a subtle pass,

But none of these have ended out well and she seems to be settled into single life by the time The Books of Magic series is out.  Though by the Alex Ross series Kingdom Come we see the son of Zee and John. Not that it means they got married, but they were at least still having sex.

Course Zee's most interesting relationship has been with Bruce Wayne/Batman.  Depending on which continuity you subscribe to, Zee and Bruce have know each other for years and she had something of a crush on him in those early days when he was training with her father.

Of course then came the whole Doctor Light mind wipe issue and their friendship was strained.  Mostly by Bats.  They came back around to each other, eventually, but the relationship issue was not fully resolved just yet. and

Couple of blog posts and sites,
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Given that I am working my way through the "Dresden Files" now, I give Harry a better than average chance, which just means he would find a way to screw it up.

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So happy Valentine's Day!

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