Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Witches

So a while back I mentioned I needed some minis painted.

Alisha Ard emailed me some pics of her work and I took her up on her offer, and I am so glad I did.  Here are the witches she painted for me.
First up the Dark Sword Halloween 2009 Witch.  This is my newest Hexblade character.

For the 3.x game I am in with my boys this witch is mother of the one above, I have a few different versions of her since she is also my play-test character for any new magic rules I am working on.

The Laurana Sorceres mini from Reaper,

and my personal favorite, the Larry Elmore Early Snow from Dark Sword,

I think she did a fantastic job on these!  The detail is amazing. If you look at the Laurana one above you can see her spellbook in her bag and see pages.  The reflected glow of my hexblade's magical sword is just too cool.

Here are all three together on my game table.

And here are three of the same character (plus my older Elmore Dark Sword mini).

Even though done by two different painters, I am pleased with how well they look together.  You can't see it here, but there is a streak of grey in the hair of the last mini.  I guess I have them in Maiden, Mother and Crone alignment here.

I want to thank Alisha Ard for painting these.  They look so awesome that I can't wait to play some this weekend.


Tim Knight said...

That's some fine work. Alisha Ard is obviously a very talented figure painter.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

She is. And hope once she gets her blog going full steam I can provide some good referrals for her.

Paolo Cecchetto said...

Nice! Gosh I need some painting done too...

Anonymous said...

I signed up to follow, I have always enjoyed reading your stuff. I would like to ask permission to link your blog on mine.