Saturday, February 4, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 2, Room 4

The hallway turns to the left and continues on.  The first door encountered (Room 4) is on the left-hand side.  Like all the doors, this one is locked.


Inside this room is a Schreckengeist.  While old, this ghost is of an adventurer that died after the fall of the Vampire Queen. He became trapped in this room and died.  

AC 3 [17], HD 3 (13hp), Att 1, scream of fear, THAC0 20 [0], MV 60’ (20’), SV D13 W13 P14 B15 S17, ML 10, AL Chaotic, XP 175, NA 1 (1d4), TT see below.

The Schreckengeist will be calmly floating over the skeletal remains of his body. He will seem sad at first, but once the characters enter the room, he will scream.

The Schreckengeist is incorporeal and can not be struck by normal weapons, only silvered ones.  Likewise, it can not attack with physical attacks, although in its rage, it will try to.  Its only attack is a scream of fear.  Characters of 3rd level or below must Save vs. Petrification or flee in terror as per the Fear spell.  Normal Humans and creatures below 1 level/HD get no save; characters above 4th level/HD are immune.

Any characters that fail their save will try to run back the way they came to the stairs to this level.

The Schreckengeist can be turned, but the spirit will reform after the next sunset.  The only way to give it rest is to return it's body (bones) to it's home or to burn them.  If the body is burned award everyone that participates 10 xp. If the bone are taken to be returned home given all that participate 15 xp. There will be a gold medallion around his neck bones that will at least mention the city he is from (the characters should at least be familiar with it). The medallion itself is worth 50 gp.

He has treasure in gems and coins worth 150 gp. There are several empty potion bottles near the body; his desperate attempt at getting some water. The weapons are old but functional.

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