Monday, July 3, 2017

Monstrous Monday: The Drumpf

EDITED TO ADD: I forgot to attribute Scott Woodard for his original version of Drumpf for D&D 5e.  He had the art below commissioned.  Scott, please accept my sincere apologies for this oversite.
The Drumpf below is not a conversion, but it would not be here without Scott's original post.

Have not done one of these in a while.  Been saving this one for a special occasion too.

I just wrapped up my big review of Blue Rose and will be moving over to Fantasy AGE as well., figure I can try my hand as a nasty little beastie.

The Drumpf
Art by Trash Mobs

Abilities (Focuses)
1 Accuracy (Brawling)
1 Communication (Deception, Persuasion)
1 Constitution
3 Dexterity
1 Fighting
-2 Intelligence
1 Perception (Touching)
1 Strength
1 Willpower

Speed 14
Health 14
Defense 10
Armor Rating 0 (Thin skin)

Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Club +2 1d6+2

Special Qualities
Favored Stunts: Skirmish
Pack Tactics: If a drumpf is attacking with at least three other drumpf, they may perform stunts for 1 less SP than normal.
Equipment: club, red hat

Threat: Minor

Drumpfs are related to goblins but claim they are a new and superior race.  They are often loud and very obnoxious, but not much of a threat when encountered alone.  In groups, they bolster each other's morale and can be a threat.  Many warriors have underestimated them to their cost.  The battle cry of the Drumpf, "Maga! Maga!" can be heard for miles.

Drumpfs have a difficult time telling lies from facts. This is most evident when you hear them talk about their own conquests, homes and/or accomplishments.   Their homes are always "the best, the hugest", their accomplishments are "the greatest, no one is better".  Many even claim to have the most beautiful nymphs as wives.   As a consequence drumpfs are far more susceptible to illusion arcana.  They receive a -2 on all tests.  Any failed test will cause the drumpf to claim the illusion they are seeing is not only real, but evidence to the contrary is itself an illusion.

As with many goblins, drumpfs are obsessed with gold. When possible drumpfs will cover any surface they can with gold.  They are also fond of self-portraits that feature themselves as great warriors and leaders.


Pun Isaac said...

Nice conversion. I've used them once in 5e.

Dr. Theda said...

Reminds us of "Granny Goodness" (image drawn) of DC Comics...

TheShadowKnows said...

"-2 intelligence" seems charitable...

Scott said...

No credit to me on this at all??? Surprised man...

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Scott, You are right. My oversight and I do apologize. Though this is not a direct translation of yours.