Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Witch: Hedgewitch for the Hero's Journey RPG in PRINT

I am pleased to announce that The Witch: Hedgewitch for the Hero's Journey RPG is now being offered in softcover.

The book is 68 pages, so it is a small book, but it goes great with your copy of +James Spahn's The Hero's Journey RPG. (Print copies are at Lulu in full color or B&W pages.)

Or even my other Witch books.

Each book offers a different set of witch "Traditions" so you can buy them all and combine them.

Get your copy today!


Tim Knight said...


s7610ra said...

How do you view witches in rpgs? Are they a female occult tradition, or a different pagan one that is not gender specific? I ask since I do note that the first D&D games were very male in their pronouns and assumptions, as one would expect from the time and place, but that a female fighting woman, a female magic user or a female cleric were never really difficult to imagine, if your mind was capable of doing so, so I found early representations of women in D&D as quite troublesome, here I think of the houri in White Dwarf or the rampant sexism that EGG expressed in AD&D onwards.
SO.. and BTW I am happy with either answer.. is your take on witches that this is a female magical tradition and as such promotes a role for female gender PCs, or is it a 'this is a pagan or Wiccan magical tradition', that is represented by women for traditional resonance?

Slar said...

Still more witch questions. I may be becoming a pest.

The hedge witch...

It was easy to modify her abilities for Lesser, Minor, and Medial powers. However, I am at a loss for what she should have for Major and Superior powers. Any ideas?