Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Link roundup

I have had a few links from the last week of Halloween and wanted to do something with each one, but instead here they are en masse.

10 Sites to Make Your Halloween Games Better
Over at EN World Charles Akins of Dyvers Campaign has written another guest post of 10 RPG sites you can use to make your Halloween/Horror gaming better.  Yours truly gets picked at #5.

Witches on TV and in Books
Of course this time of years gives us a lot of witch related posts.

Television, Toil and Trouble: The Witches Of TV
A pretty cool article on all the witches on TV now and some notable ones from the past.  I appreciate that the leading photo is of Willow and Tara.

Why Witches on TV Spell Trouble in Real Life
A silly article (not silly funny, but silly not very intelligent) about witches and wish fulfillment. It is like the editors of Time said "we need an article on witches, it's Halloween.  Make it snappy, with references to TV shows but make it topical with references to terrorism."

11 Witches From Fiction Who Embody What Feminism Really Means
An interesting look into witches from literature.

While Children Sleep, Their Stuffed Teddy Bears Fight Away Horrors Under Their Beds [Short Film]
A cool little short film that is a good representation of what I was trying to do with "Kids Stuff: Bogeys, Imaginary Friends and Childhood Terrors".

Plus I updated my own Witch Links page with several witch related blog posts.

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