Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Movie Challenge: Vampire Academy (2014)

Well this one was forced on me because my youngest wanted to watch it.  I am calling it horror...cause...well have you seen it?

Oh it is not good.

The plot is basically Vampires and their half-vampire/dhampir body guards all go to highschool together.  So vampires here age.  Ok.

And they go to High School.

Now to be fair this is based on a YA series and I don't think it translated well to the screen.  Sure. Harry Potter did (are there vampires in Harry Potter?) but not everything will.

There are plenty of horror elements and the vampires did remind me of the living and undead
vampires from the Hollows series. So I can at least get behind that.

The idea of a training ground for vampires has it's roots in the Scholomance.

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What do you find scary?
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Woodclaw said...

When I saw the trailer for this last year I had a feeling it was a disaster waiting to happen.

At this point I would suggest you to take a look at "My best friend is a vampire", which is more a comedy than a horror, but it works.