Monday, June 2, 2014

Why I am NOT running D&D5/Next

If you spend any time here at all you will quickly learn a few things about me.  But one of the biggest in my mind is that 1.) I will try any game and 2.) I am not a fan of edition wars.

That all being said I am not going to be jumping on the 5e playing bandwagon right away.  I am in the early stages of a great 1st Ed AD&D game and the final stages of an epic 3rd Ed D&D campaign and I just don't have to the time or inclination to switch. Not to mention the 2nd Ed and Pathfinder games I am playing in now.

This has nothing to do misguided grognard loyalty. Or even "hate" against WotC (I rather like WotC to be honest).  I just really don't have the time to devote to it.

I will be be buying it. If a game comes up I will play it.
Who knows. Maybe if it is as good as Wizard's says it is I might work in some concepts to my current games.  Anything is possible really. I did like the playtest and I am liking all that I hear about it.

I guess Next month I will know.


Scott Anderson said...

If you have a game (or two) you are now running, there's no reason to drop everything. I'm in the same boat- running the beta version of my B/X homage rules, and that's where we will be for a while.

On an unrelated note, I am looking for a good B/X voodoo witch doctor type class for a pirate campaign arc we will be playing. Have you got something like that in your bag of Witches?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

In the past I have done Voodoo as a "Tradition" for my witch books.

I could do something like that for the Basic Witch and/or Eldritch Witchery.

Give me a couple of days.

Scott Anderson said...

If you want to do it anyway, I will eagerly await the results! My first thought is to do away with traditional spells entirely, and use curses, creating/controlling the undead and pacts with evil outsiders.

Woodclaw said...

Personally I'm kind of on the opposite side. Starting a few years ago I got sick of D&D and its derivatives. I felt that the game was burrying itself under a pile of rules (3rd) and/or completly forgetting what a narrative game is all about (the vibe I got from 4th).

While this 5th edition might not be perfect, after the public playtest I got high hopes for it. Probably I won't play it right away, but I'm definitly more interested than I was with 3rd an 4th.