Thursday, December 26, 2013

Classic Christmas

Every year for Christmas I ask Santa for a game item that I am not likely to buy for myself.  This year I asked for the limited edition Original D&D reprint boxed set.

Well I must have been a good boy.

The new books came in large wood box with dice and a nice felt bottom.  Plenty of room if I wanted to add a copy of Chainmail (curiously absent from this).

The books compare favorably with the originals.  Save for the covers they are authentic reproductions of the originals.  Though having the "Dungeons & Dragons" logo/titles in different colors would have been a neat touch.

Can't say I like the newer covers better.

Gods, Demi-gods and Heroes has the biggest changes.

Missing are the Conan and Elric mythos; which makes sense really.

I am pretty pleased with this set to be honest.  I'd love to run an old-fashioned OD&D game with them someday.  I have been dying to do something like a John Carter/Barsoom game using OD&D.

How abut you? Did Santa Orc (or Krampus) bring you anything nice this year?


Anthony N. Emmel said...

I got the first 3 seasons of the "Six Million Dollar Man." That was surprising because, while I wanted it, I don't think I mentioned wanting it to my wife.

Hey, you do know about Jason Vey's unofficial Mars supplement for 0e, yes?

Henry said...

Preordered this boxed set months ago but haven't heard updates on this for a while. Hope they didn't run out of stock before fulfilling all the preorders.

Gothridge Manor said...

Nice. I like the set a lot, but won't buy it for myself either. Great score!

Fabio Milito Pagliara said...

Uff; why they didn't keep Elric and Conan :(

Anthony N. Emmel said...

That goes all the way back to a bru-ha-ha from the IP owners back in teh day. Conan was never in Deities & Demigods but Elric was in the first printing and had to be removed. I assume the same now holds true for GDG&H.