Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blogfest: Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia

I have never been shy about the fact that I support equal rights for everyone. In particular I have been a strong supporter of gay rights and freedom to marry rights.  So I am very pleased to be part of this one.  Since this hop is focused on authors I am going to talk about some characters.

But this is not just a regular blog hop.  This one is about making a difference.

So. For the time period between May 17 to May 27 I will donate all the money I make from The Witch and from my DriveThruRPG Affiliate money to The Trevor Project.

This is a charity I have given money to in the past and they are a worthy cause.
In the unfortunate event I make no money then I will make it a function of the number of visitors I get. I get something like a 1,000 hits a day.  So that over ten days, maybe a penny a visitor would be like $100.  A drop in the bucket for their operating costs to be sure, but every little bit helps.  No idea yet. Gotta see how much I can budget for this.

So help me out and help out a group kids that really need some understanding.
We can certainly do more than debate the merits of ascending vs. descending AC right?


Brett Slocum said...

This is great. And Minnesota just signed a Marriage Equality bill into law. State #12.

Anonymous said...


Erica Pike said...

Great idea, Tim :) Thanks so much for being a part of this.

Tim Knight said...

A great cause, Tim.

Anonymous said...

I am supposed to be commenting on your may Monster Madness Hop, but this impressed me more. Good on your for supporting something that shouldn't even be debated, human rights for all I say! Good on you mate. :-)

Andi said...

Thanks for this, and for donating to the Trevor Project. Great organization.

rwoods said...

Wonderful contribution!


Emily said...

That's a great idea, thanks for participating!

Peggy said...

Great contribution!!