Tuesday, December 11, 2012

S&W Witch?

I have been rereading the Sword & Wizardry rules since Thanksgiving.


And I am discovering I rather like it.  It's not perfect, and there are some things that I am still not sure why they did what they did.  But it is pretty solid.

The question I now have for all of you is this?  Should I spend any time doing a S&W version of the Witch?
Not the entire book, just the class.  I would focus on making is a core class and stripping it down to it's essentials.  Maybe just 1 tradition with some occult powers. It would be a new tradition though, something not in The Witch or Eldritch Witchery.

I am not sure yet. And if I do, whether it should be free, for sale or what. I would naturally want to include some new material.

Would anyone be interested in such a thing?


faoladh said...

Personally, I'd like it. S&W is pretty quickly becoming my favorite system (I have come to really like the idea of a single save, for instance), especially in its White Box edition, which is particularly amenable to expansion by house rules. However, if you choose not to, I imagine that it wouldn't be very hard at all to convert the material in The Witch.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

The idea is not do a conversion per se but a rewrite of some the core concepts and squeeze it down to about 60 pages or less.

I did a quick pass tonight and I think it would work.

Anonymous said...

I would be very interested. BTW, the out-of-the blue LinkedIn invite was from me.

faoladh said...

Neat! Yeah, that would be awesome.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

And I would be completely remiss if I didn't look into those books and sources you let me know about.

faoladh said...

Remiss? Perhaps, but more importantly I think that you'll really enjoy them.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I bought a few of the ones I didn't already have so looking forward to it!