Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Back when the Other Side was just a website and not a blog, I used to get a lot of awards.

Sure they were really just means of getting someone to link back to your site, but I still treated them all like they  were special.  After-all, someone took the time to read through my site and thought it was good enough for an award or a least a link back.  I also had an award of my own I gave out (no, you can't sign up for it anymore).

Today's blog awards are not much different really, and that is fine.
But I did get this one and in a twist I am supposed to also give it to 15 other bloggers.  So in a way it is like an award chain letter.  I opted to go ahead and give it out, but with a twist of my own.  I wanted sites that were appealing to me either for their content, their design or some combination of the two.  I also was going to focus on blogs outside of the OSR/Gamin sphere since, well to be blunt, we all link to each other anyway.

I chose a lot of sites from writers of Paranormal Fiction or Young Adult Fiction.  I feel that these authors have the most to offer me in my own game-related writing.  I don't pretend to be, nor do I aspire to be, a novelist.  I write games.  I am a game designer.  But these sites help me think about how my games can be viewed from the character's perspective, and thus the player's.

So here is the One Lovely Blog Award.  Given to me by S. L. Hennessy at Pensuasion (BTW she got it from here, who got it from here, who got it from here...you get the idea.)

Here are the rules.  I'll give it 15 more people who in turn will link back to me and give to 15 others. Please post a comment in the person's blog to let them know they got the award, just as I am doing with you.

I am not sure why I got a "Lovely" award; the aesthetics of my site tend more towards pragmatic rather than attractive.  But hey. I am not complaining.  These sites do look nice, or at lease they appeal to me.
  1. Bobert the Hoosier expatriate - Bob is a long time friend and YA author. 
  2. Space 1970 - one of the most awesome sites on the net.  Love the late 70s and SciFi? Then go here, now.
  3. Propnomicon - Lovecraft inspired props. Creepycool!
  4. Stargazer's World - A great looking RPG site.  The author has spent a lot of time to make it look good.
  5. Rather Gamey - quirky game site with some great art and commentary. 
  6. Unedited by Jennifer Daiker - Author and Blogger with a lot to say.  Love how her site looks.
  7. Creepy Query Girl - Mother, Author and creepy stalker?  Maybe not yet, but a cool blog about getting your books published.
  8. A Writer's Journey - Melissa Cunningham is an author and book reviewer.  
  9. Ciara Knight - is another author with a great looking site. Plenty of guest posters keep the blog fresh.
  10. Susan Fields - Great writer, but don't touch her coffee.
  11. Nicki Elson - Interviews, review and author commentary.
  12. Bang out the Prose - Suz Korb is newer to the writing scene but she is working getting her rough draft done.
  13. Who can Turn the World off With Her Smile - one of my favorite names for a blog. Great movie love here. 
  14. That's All She Wrote! - Julie is a new writer working on her first book.  She is also a high school classmate of mine so I want to give her encouragement to keep on writing!
  15. The Last Witch series - Elizabeth Kolodziej's blog dedicated to her books in the Last Witch series. 
There they are!  Please visit them and have a look at what they have to say.


Susan Fields said...

Thank you - I love my new award! And I see you got the memo about the coffee. :)

S. L. Hennessy said...

Looking back, I think maybe an award with rosebuds on it was kind of a silly choice for your blog. I was a little unsure what the parameters for the "Lovely" award were - since there really weren't any directions. So I chose blogs that I found aesthetically appealing (which I should have mentioned that on my blog when I announced them).

I guess I wouldn't describe your blog as "lovely" - in fact, looking back that seems like a ridiculous description, what with the skeletons on your header. But I love the look of this blog. It's very dark and sinister - two of my favorite things. And so with my loose interpretation of "lovely" meaning visually appealing, I decided to give it to you since I very much enjoy reading your blog.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

"Lovely" is actually one of my favorite words! But I am happy to have the award! Thank you for sharing.

Melissa Cunningham said...

Thank you for the award! I love that and will be sure to pass it on. It's so nice getting to know people this way and I have to say, I like the look of your blog. It speaks to me, but I love paranormal and horror.

Laura said...

D'aww, thank you! 15 people, eh? Hefty order, but I think I can fill it. Got a lot of fantastic people I'm following. Might take me a few days, though.

And congrats on your own win! Well deserved.