Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Dragonslayers vs White Plume Mountain, Part 3

Today was a good day for adventurers.

The Dragonslayers continued on their mission into the White Plume Mountain.  The defeated the monsters of the inverted ziggurat and immediately distrusted the hooka smoking halfling to recover Blackrazor.  The boys were also extremely distrustful of the black blade and hid it away in a bag of holding.

They made it down the last hall and confronted the vampire Ctenmiir.  The Dragonborn Paladin of Bahmut had a few choice words with the vampire and the characters had made it out with Whelm as well!
Of course, there was more to be done.  The weapons in had they rushed out of the volcano only to have their wizard (with the bag of holding with Blackrazor) snatched up in claws of a undead dragon flying north.
The hunt for Dragotha has begun!

The boys did really great today.  They were able to solve the Prime number riddle with no problem and the sphinx riddle only slowed them down a little.  There is still the effrit to deal with though and of course one of the party has been kidnapped to be taken back to Dragotha's Lair where the final battle will begin.

I have been playing down the guardians of the weapons to lull the boys into a false sense of security. Dragotha and Keraptis are different matters all together.

I am also going to start planting the seeds for my 4th Ed game.  The boys will defeat Keraptis, this is a foregone conclusion, even if it is Dragotha killing him himself.  But as he dies he is going to utter "beware, the shadows".

During the next couple of adventures there will be other clues dealing with shadows.  I'll talk more about that later on, but I am very excited with the prospect of it all.


JB said...

Wow...just finished reading your White Plume Mountain entries. Your kids did great, considering I was able to pretty much TPK the last group I took through White Plume Mountain!

Is 3.X really that much easier than I remember? How "toned down" were those guardians?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I actually bumped them up a bit since the average level in the party is 12.
Though they have not gotten away harm free. The Ranger was nearly killed and the Paladin nearly took a boiling mud bath. And the wizard has been snatched by Dragotha.

The kids have gotten some really good rolls the last couple of times including at least 3 natural 20s in the last game and a few 1s rolled by yours truly.

The "Real" guardians are coming up.