Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February DriveThru Specials

It's time for some new DrivethruRPG codes!  Just my way of saying thanks for being loyal readers and visitors here.

This code is good until March 8th.
The basic discount code is:


It's good for 20% off the following products:

Weird War II Player's Guide [Pinnacle Entertainment]
Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade [Third Eye Games]
The Echoes of Heaven Bestiary/The Tainted Tears (OGL Version) [Final Redoubt Press]
USHER Dossiers (ICONS) [Vigilance Press]
The Floating Vagabond BarFly Bundle [Reality Cheque]

I also have one code for someone to receive all the above products for FREE.

But I don't have a good contest/give away idea in mind.  In fact this post has been sitting my computer all day.

So here is the deal.  In the comments section below please post an idea on how I should give away this code. It can be a trivia contest, or a link sharing idea, something.  Whomever has the best idea wins the free code for all the PDFs above AND that idea will be used next month for the March free code.

So let me know!  I'll let it run for the next couple of days or until I get a winning entry!


Higgipedia said...

Go for the best premise that can use and tie together all of the supplements offered.

Greg(ory) Senpai said...

you should press the Next Blog button at the top of your blog (or on any other blog thus randomly taking you to some other blogger blog, then e-mail the owner of the blog and have that person pick from the people that commented on your blog which one he/she wants to give the code to. This decision will be made solely based on the picture that the users who have posted in comments on this blog have used. *wink wink*

I liked Higgipedia's idea actually. LoL

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I do like your idea Higgipedia! Very cool.

Let me run this a couple more days to be fair and I'll come back around to this.

Bruce HIll said...

You're not the only one to be unable to immediately come up with a competition for the freebies...

Seemingly similar comment over at Stargazer's World

They're a very eclectic mix of pdfs. What sort of game would you be playing if you mashed them all together?

Timothy S. Brannan said...


Please send you email address so I can send you your free code!

Next month the contest will be to take all the DriveThru PDFs on sale and link them together in an adventure idea.