Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Had our first Northlands game group on Saturday.  It was fun. We are playing Pathfinder and have a good group. I am looking forward to more.  The world we are in is one the GM has made, so there are some familiar names mixed in with some that are not, so I am looking forward to seeing how this all works out.

Speaking of Pathfinder. I went to one of the closing Borders books here in the Chicago area and picked up a new Pathfinder core book for my kids to have. It was 30% off.

Mike Mearls has a new column up on WotC's D&D page called "Legends and Lore" which is designed to talk about D&D and it's past, present and future.
Of course, as expected the OSR glitterati have weighed in, most with predictable comments.

I am one of those people that sees more similarities in the games than I do differences, so Mearls' post, while written toward me is not actually directed at me if you know what I mean.  Nor is it really directed at the OSR (which is frankly  too small to be a concern).  While most of the reaction is the same knee-jerk stuff I'd expect, there is a point that nearly everyone makes that I think is worth WotC's time to look in to.  Bringing back older edition in PDF form.  Yes the cynic in me says why should they bother to sell rules to people who already own them, the deeper cynic in me knows that people will buy them anyway (I have) and make money for WotC.
I think a perfect world in WotC's eyes would be that people play what they want, but still buy a DDi subscription.

Gonna be a busy week.  Posting might be light.


Porky said...

Good gather. How about some of those titles:

"Mike Mearls’ Plea for Unity"
"Mike Mearls Whines for Solidarity"
"Oh Yeah Mearls? Then Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is"

Havard: said...

What I have found disappointing with the trend since WotC's taking over of D&D is how the D&D books have become gradually more and more difficult to use with older editions. While 2E sourcebooks often have so much non-rules contents I could use them for my RuneQuest game, many 4E books are near useless if you arent playing that edition. Products that would appeal to fans of multiple editions could be the way to go?

Rhonin84 said...

Might be because I'm tired but what a load of garbage! Mike Mearls I was willing to give your company a chance but with WOTC not being able to stand that they cannot control the market is too much for them.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

There is more than a touch of desperation in his post to be honest.

I think WotC thinks that they are giving owners of previous editions things they might like; Tomb of Horrors and the "Red Box", while missing what gamers actually want.

Gamers on the other hand will bitch and complain about anything and everything unless it fits within their defined view of what is "good gaming material".

Rhonin84 said...


I could agree with that but there is something that is called knowing YOUR market and after years of putting out whatever they wanted and making money NOW they are being questioned by the consumer.

I can remember years ago the comment being that we are not putting out modules because they don't make us money. The consumers wanted some adventures, not more and different rules. We got a little bit of change when 4e came out but then that changed back again.

I don't need ANOTHER Forgotten Realms campaign book, how about something about the Vale like we were supposed to get.

Now I liked the simpler version of 4e that came out but I am enjoying Pathfinder much much more. In the last month I have bought another set of the Core Rules and Advanced Player's guide as well as much more for the world that I am borrowing and using!

Good luck WOTC/Hasbro I will pick very carefully at the product you put out...

Timothy S. Brannan said...

The Vale book is still due out, maybe a campaign book that can be used with any/every edition of *D&D there is.