Monday, February 21, 2011

April Blogging Challenge, Part 2

I did a bit of quick work today between meetings on campus and have about 20 posts I can do right now out of 26.  So I think I am in good shape for this!

I also see the idea is catching on, there are a few other RPG/OSR/Cool blogs out that I follow and they follow me that are also taking up the challenge.

So here they are:
Porky's Expanse! This is the blog that first signed up that I got the idea from.
Axe & Hammer, a new one to me, but love what I read so far.
Sea of Stars, an Other side regular!
Places to Go, People to Be. One of my favorite names for a blog ever.
Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness.  Still not sure what this one is all about, but I like it.

I plan to follow them during April to see what they do all month long.


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing. Without your entry not sure if I had found out about this.

Joined, thanks to you!

Cheers, Thaumiel

Porky said...

Way to go, Tim! This party is getting big.

Anonymous said...

I would have missed it too if not for your post. Thanks!

I just started an outline and am looking intently at those pesky Q and X letters for possible entries.

Dyson Logos said...

Joined also - but won't be announcing it on my blog until the end of March.

Greg(ory) Senpai said...

I'll be doing the same thing over at The Dump Stat - hopefully it will be 26 days of homebrew. We'll see if I can pull that off ;P