Monday, June 5, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 6, Room 5

 Going back and taking the central tunnel goes on for a long time (100') it leads to another room that appears to be another troll hole. Though in this room are not trolls, but Thouls.  

Room 5

These thouls (4 in total) are distantly related to the trolls in Room 5. They are not sure how, but they know there is a kinship there, so they do not attack each other.

They can cause paralysis (like ghouls) and regenerate like trolls. 

There is Treasure Type C x5 here. The thouls have been very successful here.

Note: The shadow elves are immune to the thoul paralysis.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 6, Room 4

 The tunnel continues on and splits into three other tunnels. The first one on the right leads to a dark hole-like room that smells terrible.  The room is very dark and it is nearly impossible to see unless the characters have infravision.

Trolls of Room 4

Inside this room are two very large Trolls.

These trolls have maximum hp and are hungry. They have been eating shadow elves and are hungry for something with a bit more meat on them.  They attack right away.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 6, Room 3

The tunnel opens up into another large cave system.

Room 3

The party will encounter three Shadow Elves. They are on patrol. 

Once this Shadow Elf community was vibrant, well. As vibrant as these elves ever get. But a thousand years of exposure to the Vampire Queen's evil and the necrotic forces here (not to mention what strange radiations are coming from the ship above) have reduced their numbers and made the remaining elves slightly better than ghouls. Their alignment is now Chaotic (Evil).

They will attempt to talk to the party, but on the first sign of advantage, they will attack.

In addition to treasure they have food (more of the good mushrooms) and wine.

Note: Dwarves will notice that these passages are steadily going down.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Kickstart Your Weekend: Old-School Adventure Style!

 It's the first Friday of June! Growing up that meant it was time for some D&D.  What better way to do that than some old-school adventures? Thankfully we have some great ones to choose from.

Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #0: Village on the Borderlands

Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #0: Village on the Borderlands

Mark Taormino is a long-time friend of the Other Side and I have all of his Kickstarters. This one looks great as well and I can't wait to try it out. If it is half as fun as his other adventures then it will still be twice as fun as most of the adventures out there.

Tomb of the Dundel Chief - A D&D adventure, 5e, 1e and C&C

Tomb of the Dundel Chief - A D&D adventure, 5e, 1e and C&C

Ah, now this one comes from D&D royalty! Heidi Gygax-Garland and her husband Erik have already created some adventures. But this one looks rather epic in scope. Plus it has a Castles & Crusades version, the game that Gary himself felt was the spiritual successor to AD&D. 

Tomb of the Dundel Chief - A D&D adventure, 5e, 1e and C&C

It also looks quite fun.

Things Better Left Alone

Things Better Left Alone

Ok. So not a Kickstarter, but on sale now. And it looks really cool and would jive well with all of these adventures.

So get out your circa 1983 rulebooks, color in your dice, and get these adventures. It's summer and time to play!

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 6, Room 2

Moving through the cave away from the tunnel, you begin to spy smaller tunnels on either side. 

Room 2

As the party goes by several (1d4+2) giant white worms, Caecilia come from the tunnels and attack. 

Each worm has Treasure Type B stored in its worm tunnel.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Jenny, Larina and Valerie for the Doctor Who RPG Second Edition

So it is June, and historically June has been D&D month around here. Though I have to admit I have not been in a D&D mood all year.  I do have some things that fill that space certainly and will get to them.

Today though feels more like May 32nd. So I am going to do a little bit more with my Doctor Who posts and move on to other things.  And a good place to do that is to compare the three characters that I have been using for all my Doctor Who posts; Larina, Jenny Everywhere, and Valerie. 

The biggest difference between the 1st Edition and 2nd Edition Doctor Who RPGs is predominantly in character creation. Since I have three characters here that are a bit outside of the norm they make good test subjects for the new Distinctions.

Three Time Travelers meet in a bar

Who Are You?

So I have a public domain "shifter," an immortal from the 16th Century, and a witch vaguely aware of all her past lives. How do these three get together in a bar in Soho?

Thankfully I already have good ideas about who these characters are in the Doctor Who universe. I just need to get them to jell together.  Using the Shared Background Experiences table on p. 33 helps. 

  • Jenny has met other versions of Larina but sees that, unlike her, Larina is only vaguely aware of them. Larina wants to know what Jenny knows.
  • Jenny has come across Valerie in the past. Val thought Jenny was immortal, Jenny (never Jen) thought Val was another shifter. 
  • Val and Larina have known each other for years. Val has also interacted with Larina's past lives.
  • Jenny goes to Larina for a Tarot reading, and despite all the shuffling, all the cards when flipped over are blank. The same thing happens again with Valerie. 
  • This is the big one. All three try to avoid each other. Larina says they have strange auras, and not the same sort of strange. Jenny says the other two "buzz" and it gives her a headache. Val says that when they are together weirder than average shit happens. When it is all three the wierdness increases.

So when a chance meeting in a bar in Westminster one cold November night, things got weird.

Going back to the characters now and build them by the new rules. 

Jenny Everywhere

I have mentioned Jenny a lot. She is a great character for the Doctor Who game and maybe even a better character for this newer version.

As always, I must include her license:

"The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."

Concept: Shifter in time and space.

What does that mean? Well she can sense changes in time flow, she can move about realities, she knows things that she otherwise would not know or not be capable of knowing. This new edition is explicit on the fact that the Time War changed history and the future and what we thought happened didn't or happened differently. Jenny can sense that.

Focus: Adventure

Jenny is nothing if not about adventure. She doesn't bemoan her abilities or lot in life, she embraces them.

Distinction: Shifter

This is what she is. It defines her. Since this is a major one her Story Points are reduced per page 47.

Jenny Everywhere for the Doctor Who RPG 2nd Edition

Valerie Beaumont

To paraphrase the Doctor, she is not my character but I have put a lot of work into her. Valerie is an immortal and she is always search for others like her, somewhat out of companionship and kinship but mostly to discover why she is the way she is. 

Concept: Immortal seeker of knowledge

Everything about Val revolves around her desire to learn more about who she is and her place in this cosmos. 

Focus: Discovery

Val is cautious not to let people know who she is until she knows who they are first. But when it comes to a mystery or discovering something new she jumps in feet first and then figures out how she will land on the way down.

Distinctions: Immortal, striking appearance

This one was easy, and the examples are given in the book. She also takes a minor reduction in Story Points.

Valerie Beaumont for the Doctor Who RPG 2nd Edition for the Doctor Who RPG 2nd Edition

Larina Nichols

Ah. Now this girl. We go way back. 

She is a witch. Regardless what that means in any given world that is who she is. If anything she lives by the quote "A witch is not what you do it is who you are." Sounds like a Concept to me.

Concept: Modern Witch

She believes in magic, in the power of crystals and more. She does not view these as "paranormal" just "extra normal." Certainly in the universe of Doctor Who she can be justified.

Focus: Curiosity

Larina wants to know things just for the sake of knowing them. Her curiosity is insatiable and it gets her into trouble. A lot.

Distinctions: Psychic, striking appearance

Ah, now here is where the Distinctions work better than traits. In the First Edition, I had to buy a lot of traits to get her the powers I wanted, even if in a small bit. Here she takes a Major Distinction, Psychic and I work out with my GM ( and figure out what she has when. So she is telepathic and empathic and can have visions of the future (precognitive) when needed.  There are plenty of examples of these sorts of humans in Doctor Who, well traveling with this bunch has turned her abilities up. Turned up so much that they might even become dangerous. 

The balance here is do I reduce her Story Points OR as the GM use her as a plot device?  Both sound appealing. 

Larina "Nix" Nichols for the Doctor Who RPG 2nd Edition for the Doctor Who RPG 2nd Edition

I have to admit. I rather love these. I knew with the new 2nd Edition system, things like my group of weirdos here would work so much better.

Right now the only thing keeping me in the First Edition game is inertia, but if I had too I could switch over to the Second Edition with no looking back.

We are the Weirdos Doctor.

I'll reiterate this with more clarity.

If you are new to RPGs and/or new to Doctor Who, then this is the version of the game to get.  Get to your FLGS (preferably) or Amazon (if you must) and grab a copy. Or if you are a Save the Trees type (good for you!) then head over to DriveThruRPG and grab a copy in PDF. It has everything you need except dice.

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 6, Room 1

Your descent is a long one, as this tunnel winds down to deeper and deeper depths. There is a slight glow to the walls and as you approach the end of this tunnel, the glow gets brighter.

Room 1

This cavern is vast. The upper reaches go beyond sight and there seems to be no end.  The cave is filled with mushrooms. The party can try to eat some if they like.

2d6    Results
2        Poisoned! This mushroom is poisonous, save vs Poison or be sickened for a day.
3-4    Bad. This mushroom is just bad, save vs. poison or be sickened for 1 hour.
5-6    Bad tasting. There is nothing wrong with this mushroom, it just tastes bad.
7        Good! These mushrooms are good and taste good. They will substitute as a meal for a couple of days.
8-9    Good. These mushrooms are good, but do not provide much in nutrients. Can only live on them for one day.
10-11 Really Good. These mushrooms are great and provide enough food for a week,
12      Hallucingentic. These mushrooms are good, but make the eater hallucinate for 1d4+1 hours. Treat hallucinations as illusions only the eater can see. 


We are entering the ancient domain of the Shadow Elves.