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Friday, March 29, 2024

#FollowFriday: The Bewitched Parlor

 Gary Con is not just a great place to see old friends, play some great games and sell some books. It is also a great place to meet some new friends. I want to spend some of the next few #FollowFridays featuring some of the great folks I got to meet.  Up first Luna and Blaise at The Bewitched Parlor.

Luna is in charge of this eclectic shop located in the aptly named Salem, WI. So they are local to Gary Con and this was their first con.

They were selling some fantastic handmade witch hats, journals, leather goods, and yes, even some dice. Actually, everything is handmade by Luna, except for the dice, but you can choose a handmade set.

Luna from The Bewitched Parlor
Shop owner Luna

The Bewitched Parlor

The Bewitched Parlor

The Bewitched Parlor

The Bewitched Parlor

Jason with a hat
Elf Lair Games with a new Witch Hat

Plus, they had the coolest looking booth and even a fireplace!  Luna and Blaise were fantastic, and I wish them all the best!

You can check out all their links below. Head over to her website and pick something up!

The Bewitched Parlor 

Friday, March 8, 2024

#FollowFriday AND Kickstart Your Weekend

 A special double feature today because I have a bunch I want to share.  Lets get to it.

#FollowFriday Oneiropolis


I mentioned this one yesterday, but I wanted to make it special today. Oneiropolis is the new Patreon from game designer Joseph D. Carriker. I worked with Joseph on Six of Cups for Green Ronin Publishing's Blue Rose. He was in charge of a product featuring various cities in Blue Rose's World of Aldea. I got the wonderful chance to put my little mark on Garnet. 

So yeah, Joseph knows his cities. He is now on Patreon and detailing cities in FRPGS. He posts about every two days so far, and he certainly doesn't lack inspirational material. I am coming back to this one for any and all Waterdeep lore.

I have always wanted to do a pure urban campaign. This is giving me more material to work with and use to make that real.

So, absolutely check it out. While you are at it check out his DMsGuild offerings.

Friday is settled, let's talk weekends and Kickstarters. I have one on both ends of their funding calendars.

Metanthropes: Introductory Zine


This is a zine-sized TTRPG where the characters are Metanthropes or "Beyond Human."  The author is building Foundry support and the mock-ups of the books look great. It has a super-hero vibe, but also something more akin to Exalted. The rules are easier though.

The PDF is only 10€ and the physical book is 20€. So, not a bad price, really.

It looks interesting and I think I'll give it a try.

Legend of Seven Golden Demons & Slime Pits of Sewer Witch

Legend of Seven Golden Demons & Slime Pits of Sewer Witch

Legend of Seven Golden Demons & Slime Pits of Sewer Witch

Does this guy or his adventures even need an introduction here anymore? Mark is back with FOUR adventures. Ok, and a mini adventure, but both for 1st Edition and 5th Edition. Which is perfect for me. One Kickstarter, an adventure for me (1st Ed) and one for my kids (5e).

Now he FINALLY is giving me a witch adventure AND it takes place in the sewers, so it ties into this week's mini-theme of urban adventures.

Mark's adventures are crazy, fun and rock solid. The only thing that runs better are his Kickstarters for them. He is a model of how to do Kickstarter right.  Grab these.

Friday, February 23, 2024

#FollowFriday: Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood
In my efforts to expand my knowledge of the Forgotten Realms, I am going to Master Sage himself, Ed Greenwood.

Official YouTube Channel

Patreon Page



I am not a subscriber to his Patreon page, but I hear wonderful things about it. It sounds like a great forum for his ideas and of course exclusives.  I'm a fan, but not at the level I need exclusives before everyone else.

The real treasure trove for me in my explorations of the Realms has been his YouTube page.

Now, typically, I really hate videos. I don't have the time to listen or watch, and frankly, most of the people doing video neither have the voice nor the presence to do them. This is not so for Ed. Ed, among everything else, is a natural storyteller. The Realms are his canvas.

He has had a few I have found really interesting too. 

This one because I a. remembered the picture, and b. loved the idea that Ed could use this channel to talk about things he could not before.  Plus he says "Drau" like Cow. Actually one of the best things about his videos is knowing how he pronounces some of the names he comes up with!

This one because I loved the background on this character and was a fan of Symgharyl Maruel, aka The Shadowsil.  But this one is also fun because Ed has such a love for all these characters.  

That was always obvious to me reading his books and Dragon articles. And he extended that love to characters he was borrowing.

And extends to others who treat his characters with the same love.

So give the Father of the Realms a follow. I hope you find him as entertaining and as educational as I find him.

Friday, February 2, 2024

#FollowFriday for #FollowFebruary

 I have been blogging for a long time. 16 years, 17 when April hits. Prior to that, I had a website, The Other Side, that I started mainly as a means to teach myself HTML and, later, PHP.  To point is I consider myself up on top of what is happening in my little nook of the Internet. It's not everything, but I am generally not surprised by things.

Simon Bunny
This picture has nothing at all to do with this post. I just love it. Simon Bunny is now 6.

So I was...well, surprised when a recent call for blog sites on a recent social media post turned up dozens of blogs I had never seen or read before.

My effort then for February is to follow and interact with more of these "new to me" blogs and expand out to more. Also, I want to get my own readership up a bit. Granted I know I am niche flavor inside a niche market. It might be likely that I have appealed to everyone I am going to. But I guess there is that off chance that I have not. I'd like to find those people, I'd like them to find me. 

The ultimate goal, of course, is to are new ideas to read and new things I have considered. This is D&D's and RPG's 50th anniversary, I have been active for 45 years of that. Even then, I don't pretend to know it all. I mean, think you know games? Go to Gen Con one year and be amazed at all the stuff you know and how much more you don't.

What can you do?

Simple! Recommend me a new blog. Recommend an old one you really like for me to read. Let's expand our circles of community.

Friday, July 28, 2023

#FollowFriday: ME!

 Ok...maybe a little self-serving here. Ok. A lot. But I spent some time organizing my social media profiles and thought I'd share them all here for ease.

Here is my new Link in Bio from 

Link in bio
Oddly, iframes are not working with this one.

As you can see, you can now find me on bsky (BlueSky), Mastodon, and Threads, in addition to all the other places I have been at forever. 

Share yours below and connect with others. With social media a vast and unconnected set of sites, it is hard to find out what cool things people are doing now. Or at least keep track of them.  

I guess this is one of the reasons why I continue to blog here, it is my corner of the Internet, and I can do what I like, as I like. 

Friday, November 18, 2022

Frigid Follow Friday

We are finally getting some proper cold weather here in Chicago! I am not going to complain about it. It's November, it's Chicago. I know what that means.  

It is also Friday and that means it is time for a Follow Friday. Especially important this week with Twitter in melt-down mode.

So if you follow me there, I am sticking around to the end, but here is where else you can find me. 


Blog (here):


Facebook: &

Instagram: &





I am still figuring out Mastodon, and MeWe is rather dead. But you can always find me here.

I do hope Twitter sticks around though.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Follow Friday: Greycast

I am working on adding more podcasts to listen to. 

Greycast is a new one to me, introduced to me by Matt Fenn, a fellow Mystoerth fan.


They do deep dives into Greyhawk and early D&D topics.

Among my favorites are the ones on the Keep on the Borderlands, the Beginning in Greyhawk, and Greyhawk for Kids.

I am going to be on the Podcast on Monday talking about Mystoerth. Check it out!


Friday, July 8, 2022

Follow Friday: Wobblies & Wizards

Wobblies & Wizards
I like Podcasts. I can't keep up with all of them out there, but I do enjoy them and you get a different feel from them than you get from say a blog post.

Here is one of my new favorites.

Wobblies & Wizards

Run by Shane Thayer aka Logar the Barbarian. It is an old-school, new-school, and all-around cool geek-based podcast.

If anything he leans more into old-school and the OSR scene, but that is a matter of these are the game he enjoys. You certainly get the vibe here that all games are welcome AND all gamers are welcome.

I was on (should be up soon) and we spent time talking about The Misfits and Black Flag. He has some great OSE content, Satanic Panic, and talks a lot about world-building.

Really worth checking out. Give him a listen and follow him on social media.

Friday, February 4, 2022

#FollowFriday: Elf Lair Games

Ok. Today's #FollowFriday might be seen as a little self-serving...and it is.  But that does not negate the fact that there are a lot of great things brewing over at Elf Lair Games!

Elf Lair Games

Elf Lair publishes my original Witch class for Basic-era games and Eldritch Witchery for Spellcraft & Swordplay.   But most importantly They publish my newest pride and joy NIGHT SHIFT: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars.

There are a lot of great things coming from ELG so now is a great time to give them,, a follow!

Elf Lair Games

So be sure to check out all these sites and follow them on social media.

Friday, September 24, 2021

#FollowFriday: Ginny Di

It's Ginny Di!
I gotta admit I love the shirt!
Kinda burned out on Kickstarter right now.  So it's another #FollowFriday!

I will admit, I adore Ginny Di.  She has unbound enthusiasm about D&D and all things related.  I know she is young enough to be my daughter and I have characters older than her, but I still think she is great.

It is so refreshing to come to her Twitter or YouTube pages and see how excited she is over something D&D-related.  I'll read the posts or blogs of some of my contemporaries and wonder when the fun died in their lives leaving them as bitter old husks.

Plus she seems to irritate the right people, so that is a bonus all on its own. 

The fact that she also loves her witches has almost nothing to do with it. Well...maybe a little. 

I have already posted about her or her projects in the past.

This week Ginny is back with Morelia the Wood Witch in a POV roleplay. It is a fun little bit video, but it really helped me cement the idea that Morelia would be a great NPC in my War of the Witch Queens. 

Content Warning to Bitter Old Grogs Who Are Dead Inside: The video features a shop where an NPC Witch SELLS POTIONS! Gasp, the Horror! The audacity! The cheek of it all! 

Anyway. She is fun. She is funny. She has a ton of enthusiasm and I think she is great. In fact, I even sought out items she has been sponsored by at Gen Con because she made them look really fun.

So check her out. If you don't like her ask yourself, when did I die inside?

Ginny Di online

Give her a follow or a like or something.

Friday, September 17, 2021

#FollowFriday Pauli Kidd and 'Lace and Steel'

It's another #FollowFriday!   Today I'd like to draw your attention a new RPG review site from a great "D&D" author.   

Pauli Kidd gave us the great Greyhawk novels White Plume MountainDescent into the Depths of the Earth, and Queen of the Demonweb Pits.

Pauli is still writing, but now she has a YouTube Review channel, Lace and Steel.

Lace and Steel

In particular, she has done some great sci-fi reviews.

Great stuff really.   And I am looking forward to more.

You can find Pauli online at:

Friday, June 11, 2021

#FollowFriday Ravenloft Giveaway!

I can't believe it is Friday AND the Friday before my Birthday.

So let's do something fun.

I am really enjoying the new Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft. A lot.

I played through the first Ravenloft module on my birthday so many years ago and now I want others to have the same joy.

So I want to give away a copy, shipped by me anywhere in the contiguous United States.  Sorry Europe and the rest of the world, but I need to work out the logistics of that first.

So here are the rules.

I am going to share this post on Twitter.  

To enter I need you to do the following:

  1. Like the Tweet. 
  2. Retweet it. In the Retweet tell me your favorite villain/big bad from any edition of D&D.
  3. Follow me on Twitter.
  4. (Bonus) Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for extra chances.

Do those three things (or four!) and I'll put your Twitter ID into a spreadsheet and pick a winner.

I will also pick two runners up who will each get one of my witch books of their own choice.

Winners agree to send me their mailing address to ship the book.  I'll send out one of the standard covers as pictured above.

I am going to be out over the weekend but I will pick the winner Sunday, June 13th before 11:00pm Central Time.

So let me know on Twitter and GOOD LUCK!

Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday Night Videos: New Daughters of Darkness and #FollowFriday

It's been a bit since I did a Friday Night Videos, but maybe it's the dark of winter that has my mood looking to some new music from some of my favorite women-fronted bands.  And while we are at it let's make this a #FollowFriday too!  Follow them all and don't forget to buy their songs, albums, or whatever they have.  People have been saying "we don't need artists during this quarantine" and to that I say bullshit!  Artists have kept me living in all of this.  We need them more than ever.

Let's get into it!

Up first is a favorite of The Other Side, Arden Leigh.

Arden fronted the band Arden and the Wolves. Now she has a new project she is doing Prospertine. Which consists of her and Jeremy Bastard.  Their first single is Home.

You can follow her, The Wolves, and Prospertine on the web at:


Arden and the wolves


Another favorite here is the sister group Neoni.  Their newest song Notorious is now out.  It has a serious Lorde vibe and I mean that is the best possible way.

Neoni also gave Fandom the gift of covering "Carry On (Wayward Son)" for the Supernatural Series Finale.  For this alone they have earned a solid place in geekdom.

You can find and follow Neoni at:

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless has been putting out some great music for while now.  Their newest album, Death by Rock and Roll has a lot of great songs on it. Personal, Taylor is getting better with each album and I have to admit I am pleased she quit acting to do this full time.

Witches Burn grabbed my attention right away.

It's going to be interesting to see where she is in a few years because I think she is just getting better with each album.

Find The Pretty Reckless here:

Speaking of getting better.

Confession time.  When they first came out I really didn't care for Evanescence.  I mean I recognized that Amy Lee had a powerful voice, but they never connected with me really.  Fast forward a few years and I am listening to her doing duets and singing background on other artists' songs and I am just impressed with her.  I think she is a better singer now than she was 20 years ago. Here is Evanescence's most recent one and as a bonus Lzzy Hale is singing backup. 

You can find Evanescence on the web here:

Check them all out!

Friday, February 5, 2021

#FollowFriday and Kickstart Your Weekend: Zine Quest 3

One of the things I loved about small cons in the 80s (and really, those were the only ones I went too then) was the little indie Zines.  Small, cheap (a bonus for a broke high school student) and packed with all sorts of strangeness, they had all sorts of appeal to me. 

Granted they were not all good, but they had a sense of, I don't know, love about them. This was before Desk Top Publishing was even taking off yet so often these were Xeroxed, hand stapled affairs. 

While it might be easier to get Zines out to the masses, the sense of love is still there.

This is why Zine Quest was made and now we are at the beginning of Zine Quest #3 over on Kickstarter and the choices are overwhelming. 

There are plenty of OSR and D&D 5 choices as well as plenty of other indie games in the truest sense.  

Trying to track them all is a bit more than I want to take on by myself. Thankfully there are good resources to help us all.

Hero Press / I'd Rather Be Killing Monsters

If you come here then you know "the other Tim" from across the pond.  Hero Press is my go-to entertainment blog for all things RPG, Superhero, and more. Go there. No qualifiers, just go there. But he is also covering the Zine Quest projects he likes.  You can also follow his Zine Quest tags.

Over on the Facebook side of things his group, I'd Rather Be Killing Monsters will be featuring even more Zines and project owners are encouraged to post links to theirs. 

Gothridge Manor / RPG Zines

Tim Shorts (yes another Tim!) is also keeping everyone posted on Zines.  He has been talking about them on his blog Gothridge Manor (also a great blog!) and his Facebook group RPG Zines.  This is pretty much Zine central and worth your time to check out.  Like Tim, Tim has a Zine tag for his blog as well. 

But where Tim Shorts rises above the other Tims is his own contribution to the Zine project.
Be sure to back The Many Crypts of Lady Ingrade on Kickstarter. 

Tenkar's Tavern

If you have been in the OSR any amount of time you likely know about Tenkar's Tavern blog/podcast/Facebook group.  Tenkar is also covering Zine Quest with a lean to the OSR zines coming out.

You can also follow the #Zinequest3 hashtag on Twitter.

There are more launching every day in February, in fact, one launched while I was writing this post that I want to back.  So expect a Part 2 next week!

Friday, December 18, 2020

#FollowFriday: TBBYANR and More!

In case you forgot (it has been a while) TBBYANR stands for "The Best Blog You Are Not Reading" and is was a great feature in the early days of the blogging scene. Since then communications have become more fractionalized with people on Facebook, Discord and other mediums.  It is hard to know how well others know about other blogs.  Plus so many blogs also have their own Facebook and/or Twitter outlets.

So in my merging of these two features or more accurately #FollowFriday assuming the role that TBBYANR once held I figure I'll post some blogs I have been enjoying and how you can interact with them on social media.

They Might Be Gazebos!

Chuck Thorin's "They Might Be Gazebos!" is a good classic OSR blog. He does some reviews and retrospectives and is usually focused on Swords & Wizardry and Dungeon Crawl Classics.  He does the occasional character write-up as well.

One of my favorite features of his is his OSR Retrospective where he looks at the games of the Old-School Renaissance. 

Chuck is also the author of "Gary vs. The Monsters" the cinematic, campy horror monster-fighting old-school RPG.

Again, I am not sure how many of you know about this site, but they are worth checking out.


Mythopoeic Rambling

Theodric Ælfwinesson has been running MR for a bit now. While the focus is Old School there is still new content (like Pathfinder) but viewed from an Old-School lens. 

Some of my favorite topics are on monsters and world-building.

Definitely check it out, there is an absolute ton of material there. 


Former TSR staffer and expert on all things Mystara, Bruce Heard is still giving us great content often for just the price of a mouse click.  His blog focuses on his campaign world, Calidar, but there is still a ton of great content for BECMI here as well.


Swords & Stitchery is very likely a blog you all do know about.  Eric has been posting his thoughts on old-school games and his own campaigns for a long time now.  At a couple of posts per day he is constantly supplying new material. I have to pause often to just catch up to his output.  His OSR Commentary might be the best feature, and his coverage of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea keeps me coming back time and time again.  

Recently he has been discussing NIGHT SHIFT and I am very excited to see what he does with it.


  That's good for now! 

Friday, November 27, 2020

#FollowFriday: New Year, New Character Challenge

Hope everyone in the U.S. had a good Thanksgiving.  We stayed here at home and had Zoom time with my family.  Ate a lot, watched some TV. It was/is nice.

Now our thoughts turn to Christmas and the holiday season and mine turn to the new year.

I have a couple projects I am looking forward to doing this new year but one I thought I'd share now in case anyone wants to join me.

There is a new Social Media challenge, New Year, New Character Challenge.  Some people are planning to do this in December, but I am planning it for January.   

The idea is to make a new character every day for Januarary.  I make a lot of characters here already so this could be fun, but not exactly a challenge is it?

For my part in this Challenge, I think I need to give it my own spin.  

Build A Witch

This challenge appeared on Twitter a while back and I kept meaning to do something with it.

Since I am planning to make characters appropriate to this blog, I am going to make characters that could be part of my War of the Witch Queens or even ones to help me define the parameters of my High Witchcraft book.  In any case, they will all be new characters, as per the original challenge, but not all will be witches.

I am planning on focusing on old school games, but in truth, it will be games I have here at home.  I'd like to focus on games I don't usually do here, but for 31 days I will have some choices. 

So for now I am going to gather up my games and figure out what I want to do next, in any case it will be a lot of fun. 

Random Name Generator

I am also going to use this fun site to help come up with names. 

My wife found it and it is a lot of fun.

Friday, November 20, 2020

#FollowFriday: Tasha / Iggwilv on the Web

It is another Follow Friday here and since we are wrapping up Tasha's Week of Everything I thought it might be nice to detail some of the sites on the web and social media that feature Iggwilv, Tasha, and items from her history.

The Web

Tasha from HeroForge
Tasha from HeroForge
Lots of great stuff here really. 

Greyhawk Online has a wiki full of details.

Likewise, the Forgotten Realms wiki has some entries for her. 

She has even made appearances in Golarion from the Pathfinder wiki.  In particular as a former Queen of Irrisen.  According to the Golarion timeline, she ruled 4113 AR to 4213 AR (current year 4720 AR).
If you want some fiction about Tasha/Iggwilv then there is Tommy John Kelly's Greyhawk Stories Page
Greyhawk Online has a number of posts featuring S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.


Iggwilv from HeroForge
Iggwilv from HeroForge
Lots of people have had some words about Iggwilv in the blogging circles too. Here are some of them

James over at Grognardia gives her an uncharacteristically brief mention in his post about The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

Sean McG has written up an extensive post on the publication history of Iggwilv, which he keeps updated at the Power Score.

Mike Bridges at Greyhawkery also has a few posts.

And of course, Greyhawk Grognard has some posts. Though he is not as enamored with the adventure as I am. 

Blogger Trent over at The Mystical Trash Heap has some thoughts on S4 as well.

Paleologos at the OSR Grimoire has a post on Drelnza the Vampiress Lord and talks a lot about the original Lost Caverns of Tsojconth

Social Media

Baba Yaga from HeroForge
Baba Yaga from HeroForge
There is a ton of social media out there. What places are best for Iggwilv and Tasha?




Friday, July 31, 2020

#FollowFriday: Internet Trolls (Troll Week)

It's #FollowFriday and I thought some online Trolls would be good to follow.

Not the typical online trolls, but the people that have given us the products I have enjoyed all week!

The publisher of TrollPak (and RuneQuest, and Call of Cthulhu)

Tunnels & Trolls

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Team @DeluxeTnT,
Ken St. Andre @Trollgodfather, 
Liz Danforth @LizDanforth,
Steven S. Crompton @StevenSCrompton,

Troll Lords
I didn't talk about them, but they were always on my mind this week.

Troll Lord Games @trolllordgames,
Stephen Chenault,TLG @TrollLordSteve, 
Jason Vey @ElfLairJasonTLG,

And here are the resources for the images of my Trolla Witch Grýlka.
Overhead Games @OverheadGames,
Hero Forge Minis @HeroForgeMinis, 

Friday, July 17, 2020

#FollowFriday Mystara Edition

It's late, but it is still Friday!

I thought it might be fun to do a Follow Friday Mystara Edition since Mystara and BECMI are still fresh on my mind. 

Of all the D&D worlds Mystara seems to have the most active fanbase of any I have encountered.  Edition change, but Mystara remains.  The amount of material out there lends a lot of credence to this.

There is a lot here!

Twitter (and more)

The *in*famous Mr. Glen Welch
He also has an extensive YouTube channel full of Mystara goodness,

Justin Pfeil Draws, the mind behind the Keep on the Borderlands webcomic, 

Well this Facebook challenger / Google+ replacement didn't get as popular as they would have liked but there are still some groups there worth looking into.


Share, Follow, and encourage others to do so as well.

Happy Friday!

Friday, June 5, 2020

#FollowFriday BECMI Edition

It's another #FollowFriday here at the Other Side.

Since this is the first week of BECMI Month I thought some good old-school sites and accounts were in order.

Remember.  It is often not just enough to join these sites, you need to engage with them as well.


Let's start with the big one, the BECMI Facebook group.
Run by TSR Alum Bruce Heard it has been a treasure trove of BECMI information for me for years.

Another is the BECMI D&D page on Facebook.

Want to see what is new in the BECMI/D&D world?  Check out Twitter.

Bruce Heard

TSR in the World

Let's go with a Bruce Heard trifecta, here is his blog, About Bruce Heard and New Stories.
In particular, I am focusing on this post for my War of the Witch Queens campaign.
Revisiting BECMI Skills,

Over at MeWe there are a lot of groups that need some more followers and people to interact.

Dedicated to the B/X, BECMI and later AD&D 2nd Ed world of Mystara.

And this one I just found and his art is really fun.

He also does a Keep on the Borderlands themed web comic.