Sunday, February 27, 2011

Next up: At the White Plume Mountains of Madness

The next adventure for the Dragonslayers (my kids' group) is to go to the White Plume Mountain.  They know they need to recover another relic of the Cult of Tiamat, this time the tooth of the largest red dragon that ever lived.  They have heard rumors that what they seek is in a volcano.

The idea of this adventure was to go to a mountain in snowy area.  So I using the 3.x conversion of S2 White Plume Mountain (and the original) and I am going to set it in a near Arctic area.  I am also going to fill it full of Lovecraftian Horrors since my boys both know who Cthulhu is.  Meld the two together a bit for some good old fashioned dungeon crawl of horror fun.

The adventure is actually very short; shorter than I remembered it.  Plus my youngest has been asking about the most powerful swords in D&D so I think it is time he sees Blackrazor.


Xyanthon said...

Fun! At some point I hope tio run my son Bear through that. I am doing a small intro adventure that I made and then probably Keep on the Border Lands and then some of the other classics.

Carter Soles said...

A classic! I'll bet you and your boys will have great fun with this. I like the Lovecraftian twists you're adding.

Anonymous said...


I don't know which I am happier to hear, the fact that you're bringing new life to White Plume Mountain or the fact that your adventuring lads know who C'thulhu is! :)

I love the Lovecraft connection too.