Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Movie: Thale (2012)

The theme of this October Movie Challenge is "movies I have been wanting to see forever but have not had the chance".  Thanks to Amazon Prime, Xfinity On Demand and a bunch of other services for on demand downloading I have an embarrassment of riches here!

Thale (2012)
I wanted to see this one last year but there were no copies to be had.  So it's first up this year.

Thale  reminded me of another Norwegian import I saw a while back, Trollhunter.  The movie focuses on two crime scene clean-up guys, Elvis and Leo.  On a job they discover an odd naked girl lying in a tub full of milk (or something).  Oh. And they find her tail in a freezer.  While going through some cassette tapes of the man who had lived there they discover that this girl isn't at all what she seems.

The movie takes a bit to get going and it might be be a classical horror movie per se, but there are all the elements and it is a great introduction to a myth I only know a little about.

I have to give actress Silje Reinåmo credit. She has no lines, spends 90% of her screen time completely nude and still manages to deliver a character we believe.  It is easy to do scared like thins, it is a bit harder to do violent-force-of-nature.

So far I think my month is off to a good start!

Tally: Watched 1,  New 1

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