Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Movie: La Vampire Nue (1969)

An odd French movie.  Men is weird masks hunt down a nearly naked girl and shoot her.
We see another girl kill herself in front of the supposed dead girl who now gets up to drink her blood.

This movie has all the trappings of a horror film but I thin it might actually be more Sci-Fi.  The girl is believed to be a vampire (the "Nude Vampire" of the title) and is kept a prisoner by these scientists (the men in masks) who experiment on her and feed her blood from a suicide cult.

The lead scientist's son discovers all of this and falls in love with the girl.

For me the movie did not get interesting till the very end.  Turns out the girl, the son and some others (including Jean Rollin staples the Castel twins) are mutants and represent the next stage of human evolution.  They are immortal and time travelers it seems.   I liked the bit about the older couple sitting out in front welcoming Georges (the son), it was like they had seen this same exchange 1,000 of times.  Maybe the exact same exchange.

So as a vampire movie it was weak and I was ready to write it off.  It was slow, but the end redeemed it and made it far more enjoyable.

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Henry said...

A fantastic art poster. Movies don't do that anymore.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I know! isn't it awesome!