Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Movie: Requiem pour un Vampire (1971)

Still on my Jean Rollin kick.  I have one more after this.  Requiem pour un Vampire or
Requiem for a Vampire is an interesting flick.  It features Marie-Pierre Castel without her sister as a thief that hides out in an old castle with her accomplice  Mireille Dargent.  Her they discover a bunch of degenerate men, a couple of vampire women and an old vampire.
The vampires try to bring them into their vampire cult saying that the old vampire is the last true vampire and he is changing the women.
Lots of scenes of near pornographic content makes this one of the more hard core of Rollin's movies I have seen so far (though I do know there are others that cross that line).

The idea of the last vampire in interesting and I'll give Rollin credit, he goes down this vampire road many times, but it is always a little different each time.

Again, not a particularly scary movie but it does have a cool art-house vibe to it.

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Anathemata said...

I'm glad you're doing this series. I happen to like Rollin's films a great deal. It's like a French film company told him, 'Make us some vampire flicks on the cheap with plenty of tits' and he went and made a series of art-house surrealist films that, yes, had tits. The re-used sets, repetitive motifs, and dreamlike quality of the films give you the sense that you are somehow experiencing bits and pieces of some larger nightmare. With tits. At any rate, I'd take his movies over most of the crap vampire movies being made today.

Timmy Crabcakes said...

I'm with Anathemata. Rollin's vampires are a lot weirder, more alien, to me than the angst-filled Anne Rice versions... or the club-hopping, gun-toting ones in the Blade and Underworld films.

Mickey Kocic said...

Let's face it: the supernatural genre is exhausted. It has been more than a century since Bram Stoker released _Dracula_ and more than 30 years since the much better known Anne Rice released her own spin on vampires in _Interview With the Vampire_. Since then there has been such a proliferation of vampire, zombie and werewolf movies, TV shows and books that the whole genre has been ground down by repetition, imitation and increasingly desperate and farfetched attempts to find a new twist. Although I haven't done the specific research to provide examples, it's likely that the plot of the movie reviewed here has already been done in books and maybe film about 10,000 times, and those books and films have just remained too obscure for us to notice them. Enough already! Writers and filmmakers, move on to something more interesting!