Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October Movie: Blood and Roses (1960)

One of my goals this October Horror Movie Challenge was to get to some of the movies I have been wanting to see for years.  Blood and Roses was one of the ones high on my list.

I have always been a fan of the Carmilla story from  Joseph Sheridan le Fanu and Vampire Lovers is one of my favorite movie remakes of his book. Naturally then I have heard about Blood and Roses.

This movie is not as faithful to the story as say Vampire Lovers, but certainly more so than Twins of Evil. The relationship between Carmilla and Georgia is less overt and less explicit than in either telling (short story or movies) but that could also be the time it was made.

As far as horror films go, there are movies with more blood and more outright horrors. But this is a beautifully crafted movie with great acting.  You could almost see it as a tamer sequel of The Vampire Lovers.

Tally: Watched 19,  New 15

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