Tuesday, November 28, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 11, Room 28

 Encounter area 28 is another portal. Out hops (yes) is a white rabbit dressed as an adventurer.

Room 28

This is Sir Fluffles. He is a Neutral Good 7th-level Ranger. His favored enemies are dragons. He is about the size of a halfling. He will join the party if asked, he is actually quite brave. He has a short sword +1, +3 vs dragons. He knows nothing about Vampire Queen but thinks she sounds positively horrible. He asks if you know anything about the Dragon King. 

If the party encounters a dragon he will quite literally hop at the chance to fight it.


Sir Fluffles is not a bad character and would be fun with the right group. He comes from a world where all the main lifeforms are anthropomorphic animals. Think D&D meets Bunnies & Burrows

We were playing with the bunnies tonight.

Sir Fluffles


PT Dilloway said...

My niece who loves bunnies would love that guy.

Azafuse81 said...

Nice bunny.

It remembers me a little Emul from Shangri-La Frontier anime (which is full of bunnies).