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D&DGII The Black Forest Mythos: Betrüger, The Trickster God

 Keeping up with my gods of The Black Forest here. I said originally I was not trying to replicate the Proto-Indo-European Gods, but I think I have been drifting in that direction. So trying a bit of course correction.  Today's god actually got his genesis back when I was reading Robert A. Heinlein's "Job: A Comedy of Justice."  In it one of the main characters, Margrethe, talks about how Loki is not just other version of Hermes/Mercury.  This was followed by discussions in Dragon magazine on whether or not Loki should be Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil.  

These ideas, all circa 1986, have led me to this god. 

Betrüger, The Trickster God


Betrüger is a trickster god. One of the big archetypes for gods really. He often appears in the form of a talking fox, but due to his nature he can appear as anyone or anything. His favorites are a young androgynous man, an old man, a beautiful young woman (where he often plays jokes on Magni and Muthi), and various talking animals. His jokes can be somewhat dangerous, but he is rarely cruel. He saves his cruelest pranks on the dull-witted and those in power.

He adores humans, though in the same way a person might adore a particularly strange pet. His stories abound with him talking advantage of those unaware and rewarding clever behavior. His tongue often gets him into trouble as well as getting him out of it. He sees himself as the smartest of all the gods.

BETRÜGER (Trickster)

Intermediate God

MOVE: 24"
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Charming voice, Spells
SPECIAL DEFENSES: +3 or better to hit

SIZE: M (5' 7")
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
WORSHIPER'S ALIGN: All, Bards, Illusionists, and Thieves
PLANE: Himmel

FIGHTER: 10th level Fighter
MAGIC-USER/ILLUSIONIST: 20th level Illusionist
THIEF/ASSASSIN: 15th level in each
MONK/BARD: 20th level Bard
S: 16 I: 23 W: 18 D: 20 C: 20 CH: 20

Betrüger is the trickster of the Gods. He is fond of jokes, lies, stories, and general mischief. To say "Betrüger is bored" is the same as saying there is trouble brewing somewhere.

This god typically avoids combat. Not that he can't fight or is unskilled; he is quite adpet. He just finds combat beneath his dignity. He would much rather talk his way out of a scrape without needing to raise a weapon of spell.

When pressed, he can fight with a raiper twice per round doing 1d10+2 per hit. He can sneak attack as a 15th-level thief and he can also cast spells as a 20th-level illusionist. 

He is the patron of thieves, con men, illusionists, bards, jugglers, and any who make a living of their wits alone.

Animal: Fox
Rainment: (Head) horns or bare (Body) simple, but well-made garments
Color(s): Black, red, green
Holy Days: Fridays
Sacrifices: A coin tossed into a well or pool.
Place of Worship: Anywhere.

Betrüger requires his clerics to multi- or dual-class into thieves or illusionists. He also requires that they have an intelligence score of at least 13. A score of 15 or higher is recommended.


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