Wednesday, August 30, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 8, Room 30

 Continuing on past the Queen's broken throne room, the party turns a corner to the left and sees a horrific sight.

Room 29

Trapped inside a magic circle is an ancient Chaos Hag. Though it is hard to know which kind she is, but she tries, and fails to shift her shape to that a beautiful elf maiden.

She croaks out, her voice dry and cracking, to be let out. She is in a panic. These are the first people she has seen in centuries. 

She will make a weak attempt to claim she is an elf polymorphed into a hag. This ruse though can't last, since she is so hungry. Her's is a similar tale to other creatures here. 

IF the party says they are hunting for the Vampire Queen then she will say she was trapped here after the Queen took over. This is true. She also says that there is only one seal left holding her in. Also true.

If the party agrees to free her she will give them the Hand of Glory at her feet and that will allow them to sneak past the guard of this level.  Mostly true. She will give it to them yes, but the Hand is so old it won't work very well.

Also there is 50% chance that if freed she will attack the party and eat them.

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