Tuesday, August 8, 2023

End of an Era: Heavy Metal Magazine

Recently I read on fred's HM fan blog that Heavy Metal magazine is no more.

I have often said that Heavy Metal (the music, the magazine, and the movie) was/were as much of an influence on my early 80s gaming style as were the likes of Dragon magazine, White Dwarf, and really, far more than most of the Appendix N books.

The news comes to us via Bleeding Cool and Multiversity Comics.

While I have not read HM in a long time, it was part of my D&D experience as much as anything. I even rank Taarna among the celebrated heroes of fantasy, right along with Conan, Elric, Frodo, Fafhrd, and the Gray Mouser.

Heavy MetalHeavy Metal Movie

White DwarfHeavy Metal Special Taarna

This is not an age that is kind to the printed word, less kind even to the printed word on paper. I don't hold out any hope that HM will return in a new form any more than I hope that Dragon will.


Dick McGee said...

The movie was an important part of my late teens, back in the days when it was one of the films in the rotation for midnight showings along with the Wall and Rocky Horror, with the occasional surprise like Buckaroo Banzai, Repo Man, Brother From Another Planet and Yellow Submarine. Didn't actually read the magazine all that much, although it did introduce me to Moebius.

PT Dilloway said...

I never read it. I remember hearing a couple years ago that comic book writer Grant Morrison was going to be an editor for it but I guess that didn't really work out.

Jon Bupp said...

Heavy Metal is still an influence on my D&D, even though I haven't watched it, or read it in years.