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#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 8, Room 25

 The exit from Room 24 takes the part to a side entrance of a long grand hallway.

The party's left (a bit of a diagonal) is the main entrance to this hall, not covered in rubble and no long accessible.  To the right is the length of this ancient hall.

Room 25

This hall is ancient, even by the standard the party is used to seeing. The architecture is dwarven, even the most causal dungeoneer can see that. At the end of this once great hall is a throne of Iron and on sits a figure.

As the party approaches they can see the figure is that of a dwarven skeleton in kingly garb.  When the party reaches the dias the skeleton's eyes begin to glow and it raises a hand.  

It speaks.

"Hail, brave and mighty adventurers. You have come so far and have more to go. But rest here and hear the tragedy of House Ironhammer."

If the party pauses to hear the dwarf king's tale they will find themselves healing of their wounds, even their gear that has been damaged begins to repair.

"Millennia ago, the Vampire Queen, Darlessa the First, sought out House Ironhammer in our mountain demesnes. She commanded that we build for her a temple and tomb out of the living rock of the mountain that was greater or equal to our own. We refused her, not wanting to serve any evil. Three times she came and three times we denied her. First my Grandsire said no. Then she returned and my sire said no. Then she returned again and I told her no. But in that time her powers had grown. She said that if we would build her a stronghold she would take ours!"

"We laughed at her and her rabble of conjures. No army had ever taken House Ironhammer! Not even the giant orcs of the Black Mountains whom all dwarves will speak of with revulsion, but also begrudging respect as an enemy."

"Sadly for my people we did not comprehend what she meant by 'take.'"

"Her conjurers gathered around. And the ensorcelled the mountain. The lifted it up by it's very roots and transported it to the seas where it was dropped onto a volcanic island. The mountain of Ironhammer stuck the Island of Necromancers like a hammer on an anvil. She destroyed their ancient towers and dropped our home into a vortex of magic. A few survivors soon killed by hordes of demons. I was kept alive along with a fraction of my enslaved people to dig out tunnels and new rooms and merge the mountain with the island. Many dwarves and many necromancers died that horrible night."

"It is to you I leave this challenge. Your wounds are healed, your gear is as new, your bellies are full. Seek out this undead tyrant and slay her for good. You have the blessings of House Ironhammer and the combined arcana of the Necromancers she killed that day. Please accept the last gifts of Sharis Val."

On the dias, there are weapons appropriate for every character here. They are all +3 weapons, +4 vs. undead, and demons. 

Any Cleric or Magic-user can make an intelligence roll to know who Sharis Val was. He had been a Shadow Elf smith who had been adopted into a dwarf clan and became one of the greatest artificers and swordsmen the world has seen. His final fate was unknown till now.  

Because there is always that "one guy," if there is a fighter in the group who is REALLY into swords, then allow them a roll as well. Sharis Val is essentially the Miyamoto Musashi of this world. 

These weapons grant 2,500 xp each. 

If instead, the party attacks the skeleton they get nothing. It is a normal skeleton with 1 hp.

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