Sunday, January 1, 2023

Character Creation Challenge: Jassic Winterhaven

“Some sages say we are related to dwarves because of our tendency to live underground.  Might as well say we are related to purple worms with that logic!  Others say we are akin to earth elementals. So we must be related to rocks. But I say we are really related to birds. Give me long distances to travel. Give me a song to play. Give me women to impress.  That’s what it means to be a gnome to me.”

- Jassic Winterhaven, Gnome adventurer.

Jassic Winterhaven

I wanted to start off this year's Character Creation Challenge with one of my "scholar" characters I am using in my Monstrous Maleficarum; Jassic Winterhaven. Gnome adventurer, bard and witch (or warlock). He is charming, curious, and always in trouble.  Great for a witch that runs into a lot of monsters. 

He got his start in during my 3.0 days as an NPC. He then moved on to 4th Edition and then to 5th Edition

Jassic Winterhaven
Jassic Winterhaven

We will see more Jassic this year and more Monstrous Maleficarum scholars this month.


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Character Creation Challenge

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