Friday, January 27, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 1, Room 27

Like all the rooms on this level, the doorway has no door, but this one has had debris stacked on the inside on both sides of the opening.  This creates a small 5' wide hall to enter the room. PCs can only enter in single file. 

Room 27
Free Art Assets - Grey Gnome Games - Jason Glover

Inside the room, 1d6+2 Hobgoblins have made this their base. They are raiding the other rooms in the lower level and coming back here.  They are waiting for the PCs and are armed with 2 crossbows and the rest have small bows.  All have short swords.  The hobgoblins believe this is their home turf now and will fight to defend it. They currently have others investigating Level 3.

Inside their little base, they have collected some loot.

1 bag with 45 gp. 1 bag with 52 sp. 1 barrel of wine/water mix (50/50) still potable. 2 weeks' worth of iron rations. 25' of rope. 20 iron spikes. And a 10' pole. All are valued at 105 GP in total (for XP purposes).

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