Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Blue Rose: Witchcraft Specialization

Blue Rose is the new game on my table these days.  I am planning a full on review, but before I do that I want to actually try something out. Push the system a little and see what makes it tick, what makes it break.

This is something I toyed around with under the True20 version of Blue Rose.  I think I like this version much better.


You have been initiated into the secret arts of Witchcraft and are now considered a "Witch".  Witchcraft is very much misunderstood in many parts of Aldea and many confuse it with Sorcery, though it is a separate practice.  Witches are most common among the Rezean people. It has been known in Lar'tya, Roamer and Aldean lands, though not as common.  Witches are hunted in both Kern and Jarzon and for similar reasons; they threaten those in power.

Witches do not typically announce their membership to others, save for maybe in Rezea, but witches seem to instinctively know each other.

CLASS: Adept (or Mage in Fantasy AGE)
REQUIREMENTS: You must have Willpower 2 or higher, the Inteligence (Healing) focus, and the two of the three talents at Novice or higher: Animism, Healing, or Psychic. Visionary is also a welcome talent, but not required.

You become part of the larger community of witches. You will gain mastery of the Witchcraft Arcana: Animism, Healing, and Psychic arcana.

Novice: You gain a Familiar (p. 148).  Arcana that list a range or target of Self may instead use the familiar as the source. The witch can target a line of sight effect through the eyes of her familiar. The Scrying Arcana can be taken as a Psychic talent instead of Visionary.

Journeyman: You gain a +2 bonus to fatigue tests when using Animism, Healing, or Psychic arcana. Also, pick one arcane stunt. You may use it with arcana from those three for –1 SP.

Master: You add 2 to the Outcome of any successful use of the "Witchcraft Arcana". You may also pick another arcane stunt to use at –1 SP with these arcana.

A witch who learns Sorcerous Arcana is known as a "Warlock".
Many witches worship Selene, whom they believe taught the first witches.

I'll have to give this a try.  It needs something to make it feel "witchier", but not sure what that is just yet.  Sure there are plenty of role-playing ways to do this, but I am still messing around with the mechanics of the game.
Something with potions maybe.

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Tim Emrick said...

What are you thoughts about mechanics for familiars? Unlike the True20 original, the AGE rules don't give hard and fast rules for them.