Monday, June 19, 2017

FreeRPG Day Haul

 Really busy weekend.

Free RPG day, Father's Day, grilling, playing D&D.  It was packed.

Here are the books I got at my FLGS.

I am most excited about Runequest. I have not played it in YEARS and have been itching to do so more with it.

My hat is off to +James Raggi.  I admit I have been critical of his products and style over the years.  The truth is his style is not my style. That is not good or bad, just different tastes.
But  ALL that aside, giving out a free HARDCOVER book? Holy shit dude.
Plus his Vaginas Are Magic is actually really, really good.

It galls me, and makes me happy, that he keep proving me wrong by being good.

I might not ever play Lamentations of the Flame Princess, but damn. His production values are through the roof.  He even pulled in +Stacy Dellorfano and +Elizabeth Chaipraditkul to help him on this book.  I trust their opinions and judgment. I am going to have to dig into his book a bit more. Ok. A lot more.

So +James Raggi, it took me a while, but I think I finally "get it".  


Pun Isaac said...

My opinion of Lamentations of the Flame Princess has changed drastically over the years. Honestly, it's my favourite rpg line. It's way darker than anything I run, but the creativity and production values are top tier. I helped crowdfund VAM! and I can't wait to get my signed physical copy. I've been looking through the pdf though and it's phenomenal. My next big (non-commercial project) is to go back through all of the previously released Magic-User spells for the line and convert them to his new MU spell system.

Jonathan Linneman said...

Apparently VAM! was snapped up in no time at my FLGS. I missed out (understandable, since I didn't actually make it by until today...) but was luckily still able to grab the Starfinder and Borderhounds books, both of which seem pretty awesome from what I've been able to look over so far.

Pun Isaac said...

I believe VAM! will be released on pdf to the public July 1st. I'm curious about Starfinder book.

Fuzzy Skinner said...

Dang it, I missed out on this day again this year! Last year, my FLGS hadn't heard of Free RPG Day, but the owner said he'd look into it for next year. Lo and behold, "next year" came and went without my realizing it.

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