Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fortune Cards, Critical Hit Decks, Tarot Cards all in my game!

Heck with it.

One day I am going to going to let my players in whatever D&D-type game I am playing at the time use WotC's Fortune Cards, Paizo's Game Mastery card decks and maybe I'll through in some Tarot/Tarokka Cards and the Deck of Many things all in the same game.

And I'll let my "Boss" or "Big bad" monsters have the same.

What the hell right?  It should be a blast.

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Spiralbound said...

All the kerfluffle over these Fortune Cards has gotten me wondering just how many other variations on the RPG reward/power card idea there are? I've heard of a few like the ones you list above and also the Swashbuckling cards that are floating about the net. A comprehensive listing with links would be grand though. I bet that it would only take comments from 6 or 8 people to end up having 90% of them listed rather quickly.