Wednesday, March 1, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 3, Room 1

 The stairs from the back of Room 28 on level 2 lead a long way down.  They end at a large iron gate.  The gate is 20' wide and at least 15' tall. It opens in the middle, and it is locked.  The rusty nature of this lock imposes a -5% penalty on opening. The gate, though, is also weak enough that combined strength of 24 can pull it open.

Level 3, Room 1

There are claw marks visible on the stone after the gate, but none before it. There are alcoves to either side for guards on both sides of the gate (four total).  There is an ambient eldritch glow throughout the place. 

The hallway continues on.


Notes about this level. This is where the Citadel of Conjurers kept their magical experiments. It has long been rumored that this is the birthplace of the Owlbear and other magical monstrosities.  When the Vampire Queen took control here, she raised many of these dead creatures as various types of undead so she could keep them as "guard dogs."

My goal this month will be to populate this level with all sorts of new monsters.

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