Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wizards of the Coast Print On Demand: The Results, Part 2

I received a few requests for some more pictures of the Shady Dragon Inn.

Here is the spine.  It is Perfect bound. No staples.

Various shots of the text.  It appears the same as the early editions.  Maybe a touch fuzzier, but nothing that I consider a deal breaker.  Barely noticeable in fact.

How can you tell this is a new print versus a really, really well kept original?  This page. This is the same sort of page found in all DriveThru/OneBookShelf/LightningSource books.
Note how the bar code is not an ISBN one.

Hope this helps.


Stan Shinn said...

I did a video review of 'The Secret of Bone Hill' -- that one actually was saddle-stitched with stables. How many pages would your module? Probably anything over 48 pages has to be perfect bound, but under that should be saddle-stitched.

Unknown said...

Lulu has a max page limit of 88 for saddle-stitched books, Lightning Source should roughly be the same. Somebody at WOTC checked the wrong box?