Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bringing 2014 to a Close

Well we are in the last hours of 2014.

Not a bad year personally.  I didn't post as much as the last couple of years, but my "keyboard" time has been split between this and working on various projects.

My gaming all year really has been devoted to D&D.  Basic/Expert D&D in the first half and then D&D 5.  I got in some AD&D1 and even some AD&D2 this past year as well.  All in all I am not complaining.

I am not sure yet what is going to go on in 2015.  I am certain more D&D 5.  Maybe a dip into AS&SH, AD&D1, and some B/X.  Of course I have Pathfinder and C&C on my list since I still have some witch material to work the kinks out of.

I wanted to wrap up my D&D 3.x "Dragonslayers" game this past year, but didn't get around to it.  Hopefully this year.

Otherwise I hope you all have a great 2015!

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