Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Itching for the Tomb of Horrors

As I posted yesterday my son is going to get to play some of the classic greats, B1, B2, and X1. This along with the idea that 4e is on the wane and 5e coming up, I don't really need to complete my 3.x game just yet.  Plus there are still so many classics I want to play again.

So my kids' characters are at 20th level.  I was thinking that I could take the Tomb of Horrors (3.5 revision), link in some of the ideas (and maps) from the 4e version.  Add some monsters from the Tome of Horrors complete edition and just through it all together in a meat grinder.

They have already gone through S2 and S4 (not sure about S3 yet)

It really could be awesome.

It is one of the all time greats.  And even though the characters are twice the level, I would make it a little deadlier.  Plus a lot of this adventure is really based on Player skill and not Character skill.  My kids are still younger than the average player of this adventure, so the greater power characters might be offset by that alone.

Interestingly enough, this is the only adventure I know of that has has official products for each edition of D&D.

So kind of a no-brainer really.


Anonymous said...

Actually, ToH is my favorite demo piece for using Microscope for smaller-scale stories. Each "period" becomes a level or associated set of rooms. "Events" are the major events that happen in that area - "We discovered the true nature of the GDF," "Blackleaf went through the mist portal and..." And "scenes" then can be as simple "do we win the fight/find the treasure?" or as involved as "what did we miss in this area of the dungeon?" Characters are defined as part of the palette in the form of distinctions/aspects (cf. Marvel or FATE).

And then there's the earworm of BESM that's going through my head...

Amanda Heitler said...

Running ToH4e as a play-by-post at the moment. It's turning out to be a lot of fun, even if much less lethal than antcipated (either by me or the players).

Looking forward to seeing how your mash-up version works out.