Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm with D&D

This is not a big surprise.

I saw this banner again today on Christian Lindke's Cinerati blog about to uselessness of edition wars. The image is from and it is to support D&D, any D&D, any edition.  Even if your D&D is actually called Basic Fantasy, S&W or Pathfinder.

Enjoy your game!


Joshua Sherrer said...

This is going on my blog! Thanks for sharing.

Gaming Ronin said...

Love this, and I agree.

I'm with Role playing. No matter the system or style of game. I may not run them all. They might not all be right for my group. But we are to small a community to be fractured at all.

Geek Ken said...

As D&D goes, I've had my irks with older editions. I really liked the stuff that 4E was about. Had WotC made 4E something like Pathfinder I would be disappointed. Pathfinder seems like a great game that has captured the feel of 3.5, but as a entirely new edition I think it would have been lacking. For folks that continually blast 4E, it makes me sad. Without 4E the new Gamma World would have likely never seen the light of day. And that is a great RPG that has managed to capture a lot of the fun from older games.

Yet I also think WotC missed out by completely abandoning older editions. It's clear that folks really had a soft spot for 3.5 and kudos to Paizo for keeping that love alive with a great line of products. It's a shame WotC let that lapse. I could have easily seen a 'classic D&D' and '4E D&D' line from WotC keeping a lot of people happy.

Still after each being out on the shelf for a while now, you figure folks would let things go and give each game a nod for how they've maintained their popularity and kept the RPG crowd happy and playing. Something I think we all seem to miss out on.

Aaron E. Steele said...

I don't see edition wars as useless, to the extent that criticism of the "current edition" is the propulsive force behind development of the "new and improved edition".

The 3E/4E edition wars are what led me back to gaming (including participating in a 4E campaign) so i'm glad they happened.

Having said that, people should be free to play their game of choice, without being harrassed or derided for their preferred edition.

Weem said...

Glad you liked it!

Darius Whiteplume said...

I really like 4e and 1st ed., but will play anything.