Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cartoons and Anime

I am gearing up for a bunch of posts on Cartoon and Anime RPGs.
Not really a genre (like Horror, Fantasy or Supers) it sort of covers them all really.  It is more of a style to be honest.

With anime and Cartoon RPGs you can do things that would seem crazy or otherwise rule breaking in other games.  They can be silly, or very deadly.

Why?  Well I have picked up a few new games.  Cartoon Action Hour Season 2 and OVA.  I will also likely pick up Open Anime from Battlefield Press, so I'll mention that too.  But I am going to start off with the game that got me into all this mess, the late, great BESM.

Given how much I like horror and magic, I am certainly going to look at those from an animated perspective. And what can Anime/Cartoon RPGs help all games with.


DMWieg said...

I have fond memories of BESM 1st and 2nd edition, as well as Guardians of Order's various licensed games. Good times, back in high school. I never did get to check out BESM3.

Curious... will you be doing anything on Green Ronin's anime book for Mutants & Masterminds? What about R. Talsorian's various anime rpgs?

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the various cartoon/ anime RPGs as they are something I do not have much experience with.