Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Return of the OSRIC Player's Guide

Last year you might remember the drama concerning the OSRIC Player's Guides.

Well one of them is now back.

This is the OSRIC Player's Guide that was the stripped down and edited version of OSRIC just for players.
It was/is edited by Steve Robertson (formerly of the Bree Yark blog)  and features a bunch of art from him as well.

You can get the PDF fro free at his website or pick up a soft or hard cover at Lulu. and you can see some pics of it over at RPG.Net:!

Of the two Player's Guides, this one was the better of the two.  This one does feature a lot of new art from the editor (he does not call himself the author which is good) and it was edited.
The other was just a copy-and-paste job with some art found on the internet.

It is worth checking out.

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