Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wonder Woman on the Big Screen

This is just a drive by post.

We saw Wonder Woman last night.  Holy shit is that a FANTASTIC movie. It is very nearly pitch-perfect.  I have been waiting so long to see Diana of Themiscyra on the big screen and I was not disappointed.   In fact, we are planning on going again.

I have said that no one could replace Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.  I was wrong.
Gal Gaddot IS Wonder Woman. She is so good in this.
Every scene lights up with her in it. Whether she is kicking Patriarchy ass or tasting ice cream for the first time.  Fighting or cooing over a baby.  THIS IS Wonder Woman!

Go. See this movie now.

Plus if you are a Wonder Woman fan like me there are so many easter eggs.  No post-credits scenes, but that is fine.


  1. Wow. High praise...thanks for letting me know it's out in the theater (I lose track some times).

    I was planning on going, even though I'm NOT a proponent of the sword-wielding WW, but because I thought it was important to throw money/support at a character that has been bereft of a feature film for far too long.

    But now you have me a bit excited.
    ; )

  2. I thought it was just ok. I must have seen a different movie than the other 90% of the internetšŸ˜


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