Saturday, July 21, 2012

Zatannurday: Zatanna Movie

Unless you live in a cave and read these blog posts via some means other than the internet, then you should know that out in theaters right now is the last of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, The Dark Knight Rises.
Later in 2013 we will get a new Superman movie and there is still talk (and talk is cheaper in Hollywood than it is is on the Internet) of a Justice League movie.  I am even hearing rumors of a Doctor Strange movie.
But what I want is a Zatanna movie.

Now no one is talking about it.  Except maybe for me.  But I would love it.

The plot would need to be introducing Zee to the world.  Maybe she is already known as a gifted stage magician following in her father's tragic footsteps.  So this would be a younger Zee, not world weary yet.  She could still know Constantine.  This would be somewhere between "Young Justice" and "Justice League Dark".  Maybe even before the Paul Dini run of Zatanna.

Who should play her?  Well.  You want some young, but not a teen.  Someone that has acting chops and also has a good grasp of what makes Zee so interesting.  She is the most up-beat of the DC supers despite her tragedies.  She deals with evil, scary shit all the time, but still tries to do her show in Vegas.  It's an interesting mix really, and one I think would translate well on the screen.

I am no casting director, but I think Michelle Trachtenberg is a great choice.

Lest you still think of her as "Dawn" from Buffy or Harriet the Spy, I do want to point out that as of this writing she is 26.  She can act.  Plus I think she looks the part.  

She can do the hat (best one I could find of her in a hat)

And the fishnets:

And she has done voice work in the DC world before.

Though a live action movie might be a stretch considering how we can't even get Wonder Woman on the big screen.

We know Bruce Timm loves pretty much everyone that ever played in Buffy or Angel, so if we can't get a live action movie then an animated one would be great.  Plus that would mean a better chance of Paul Dinin writing it.

Well we can all dream right?


Wymarc said...

Good catch using her. I would never have thought of it but now I would be upset if they used anyone else and will be devastated if the movie never gets made!

Unknown said...

I think we have a bigger chance getting a DC Animated short before we get a full movie with Zatanna (which would be fine with me since I love the character as well and just want to see her get some more love), which would be fine with me.

If a live action film could get off the ground, I actually think your pick is pretty good. She physically can play the part and I think she can definitely capture the personally as well. Now I'm thinking who would play her father Zatara if they did flashbacks.

Tyler said...

I'd be on board with a Zatanna movie in any form.

Elsewhere today, Mightygodking made the salient point that Zatanna could be the Thor in DC's answer to the Avengers franchise line-up, being the mystical sort among the paragons and technology-based heroes.